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If you’ve heard of the word Yuri, you’re probably aware of what it means. LGBT shows and characters have been a part of the anime industry for decades. It means that anime culture isn’t constrained and values all genres equally.

Yuri anime isn’t what you think it’s about; it implies a romantic ladies relationship. And this is what it needs to transmit to the spectators because not all people are bound to love the opposite sex.

If you have mixed feelings about yuri anime, check out our list of the best yuri anime because it just might change your mind. You’ve also come to the right location if you’re looking for some of the best yuri anime to watch.

Best Yuri Anime!

Lets get started on our recommendations for all the Yuri Anime Fans


citrus anime

I’d be remiss if I didn’t include it because it’s one of the most famous yuri shows. Citrus is a story about two new stepsisters and their relationship. One is kind, unsanitary and trendy, the other is cold, grave and enticing. This is one of the yuri anime series that is packed with suspense and passion.

It is one my favorite Yuri Anime shows and most probably the best one amongst all the yuri anime series. Season 1 was really epic and alot of Citrus Anime fans including me are anxiously waiting for a season 2 release. I am not sure if we will ever be able to see the next season but wouldnt it be awesome to have one? What do you think let me know in the comments.

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Destiny of the Shrine Maiden

Destiny of the Shrine Maiden anime

The Shrine Maiden’s Destiny is a fickle exhibition. It starts off a little boring, but when you watch it more, it improves. It also tries to perplex you by establishing a love triangle between two girls, but it wouldn’t be a yuri anime if he won! (Don’t worry about spoilers; the OP/ED does a good job of revealing the outcome.) The plot revolves around two ordinary schoolmates who must transform into shrine maidens of the sun and moon in order to defeat the evil orochi. One orochi, however, is a childhood friend or a female, and this causes them to reconsider their sacred war. The yuri relationship is pretty good, and there are some decent mech battles as well.

Sakura Trick

Sakura Trick anime

Haru Takayama and Yuu Sonoda were the best friends for years in yet another beautiful yuri from 2014. Their new high school lives, on the other hand, are overwhelming, imposing a slew of unwelcome changes on the two. Haru and Yuu share an intimate kiss after a tender moment alone in their classroom.
Anything between them changes from that point forward. Their unique relationship deepens and blossoms into something completely different, challenging, and wonderful. This heartwarming school and slice-of-life yuri anime is full of goofs and uplifting moments, making it a must-watch yuri anime.

Akuma no Riddle

Akuma no Riddle anime

The aim of Akuma no Riddle is for a group of assassins to kill their single non-assassin classmate for a large reward. They just get one shot at it, though. While this looks very straightforward, one of the killers has formed sentiments for the girl and thus starts protecting her rather than trying to kill her. The murderers of Yuri? Yes, please, please. Please. Most often in the Yuri Series there are very few battles, but this one is filled with some cool fights.

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The Virgin Mary is Watching You

maria watches over us anime

Marimite is a classic tale of yearning, as it is shortly named. It centers on several different relationships among several girls at an elite Tokyo religious school. There isn’t much of an overarching plot aside from relationship drama, but the way it handles it is brilliant. These girls yearn for each other, whether publicly or secretly, and their relationships seemed doomed to be cut short by adulthood in some way. After all, some people think of yuri feelings as a phase, and this anime portrays the true complexity of that idea.

Kase-San And The Morning Glories

Kase-San And The Morning Glories anime

One of the cutest OVAs from the last decade is Kase-San and the Morning Glories. This heartwarming story follows local green thumb Yui Yamada and track star Tomoka Kase after they start dating, and is based on the manga series of the same name. It’s their senior year, and with college approaching, both girls must make crucial choices about their futures.

This adorable animated OVA also has a rather relatable dilemma: Yui recognizes that she isn’t as talented as Tomoka. Tomoka has major athletic aspirations and wants to pursue them in university, but how will Yui follow if she knows she won’t be accepted? This is one yuri gem from 2018 that everyone should see, with both funny scenes and shockingly emotional conversations.


YuruYuri anime

The fact that this is the oldest series on this list, with its first season airing in 2011, also has the youngest characters is a little ironic. It’s also the one with the least amount of real yuri as a result of this. YuruYuri follows four members of the Amusement Club, an after-school club whose sole purpose is to entertain its members.

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Without her older peers, Akari Akaza had a lonely last year in elementary school. She’s looking forward to seeing them now that she’s in middle school. In the hopes of being able to hang out with them, she enters their Amusement Club. If only they remembered she was there, that would be great.

Ms. Vampire Who Lives In My Neighborhood

Ms. Vampire Who Lives In My Neighborhood anime

Ms. Vampire Who Lives In My Neighborhood is a sweet 2018 anime show that follows Akari Amano, who, in true lesbian fashion, moves in with local vampire Sophie Twilight after being saved in the woods.

Sophie, while sleeping in a coffin, has some very different habits than the other vampires of folklore, such as purchasing blood online rather than drinking from humans. This vampiristic romantic comedy about two very different girls’ lives together and the complications that ensue is a must-see for fans of both moe and yuri.

Bloom Into You

Bloom Into You anime

The short, beautifully authentic, and earnest love story of Yuu Koito and Touko Nanami in Bloom Into You is by far the best yuri anime of the decade. There is a yuri anime for once that does not rely on slice of life or comedy. It’s a real love story, and Bloom Into You treats it with the drama and maturity that the best love stories deserve.

When Yuu eventually receives her first love confession, she feels oddly hollow for a girl who has always enjoyed classic shoujo romance manga. Yuu joins high school disheartened, believing she will never have the opportunity to encounter love.However, when the next love confession she gets is from Touko, the attractive student council chief, Yuu discovers she may have a chance to feel something after all.

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Yamibou anime

This is yet another story about two sisters’ forbidden girl lust. Hazuki is a tall, mysterious, and brooding girl who has always had a thing for her sister Hasumi. Hasumi, on the other hand, vanishes. Hazuki meets a talking bird who is also searching for her sister, and the two of them embark on a quest to find her by traveling across different worlds through books. It’s a fascinating idea in and of itself, with a large and entertaining cast of characters. The yuri, on the other hand, is a little eerie. As Hazuki listens to her sister do her business in the shower, you know it’s an obsessive sort of affection. It starts out good, but it quickly becomes strange, to be honest.

This is definitely another must watch for hardcore yuri anime fans!

Strawberry Panic

Strawberry Panic anime

Strawberry Panic is the yuri anime story you’ve been waiting for. It follows a new transfer student to a Catholic school for all girls. She captures the interest of the girl at the very top of the school’s complex hierarchy there. As the protagonist continues to go about her school life calmly, she and the school queen get to know each other and, with her encouragement, confront their complicated pasts.

Strawberri Panic is a classic Yuri, not just because of its slightly cliché complot, but because its mix of charming and oddly sexy remains distinctly attractive. It’s a real gem, particularly because so many new anime series these days use moe to express cuteness.

Netsuzou Trap

Netsuzou Trap anime

There is some controversy whether it is garbage, a masterpiece or a magnificent rubbish. It’s definitely one of the most graphical yuri anime series if you’re looking for it without being full-on hentai, but it’s pretty sad. Two childhood friends with their boyfriends wind up joining each other in NTR. However, mental and physical violence has been experienced on one side of the connection and as such it is abused over the whole season. I feel the cucking is really awkward to people (maybe all that girlfriendly, glittering), but there is a surprisingly deep emotional tale beneath.

Candy Boy

Candy Boy anime

Who’s saying that imouto love has to be straight? Technically speaking, however, Candy Boy is unexceptional since the sisters are both twins, but they are only too homosexual. There’s not a lot of plot apart from the two sisters being really similar in a yuri way, and their clingy lower classman who still bothers them because of having a crush on one of the twin sisters. However, it’s one of those romantic series of ten loads of kisses, and you really want to put those two heads into the screen and bring them together while they kiss.

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So, there you have it. The most valuable list of yuri anime you can find, and some valuable ones are not included. But since the list has already been packed with several suggestions from Yuri Anime, we were thinking to skip them for now.

What do you think about our list anyway? Are there any other yuri anime that we might have overlooked? If you have something in mind, please mention it in the following comment section. We might include those titles in our next update.

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