Jolyne Kujo from the series Jojo's Bizarre Advanture
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Jolyne Kujo from the series Jojo’s Bizarre Advanture

Jolyne Kujo: Stone Ocean is the sixth part of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure series, and it features Jolyne Kujo as the series’ main protagonist. She is an American citizen and the daughter of Jotaro Kujo, the main character of Stardust Crusaders.

After being falsely accused of committing a murder while under the influence of alcohol, Jolyne finds herself at Green Dolphin Street Prison conducting an investigation and going up against DIO’s most trusted disciple, Father Enrico Pucci.

During her time behind bars, Jolyne, a young woman who appeared to lead a normal life, swiftly reawakens her string-based Stand, Stone Free. Let’s talk more about Jolyne Kujo.


Appearance of Jolyne Kujo

Jolyne is a young woman who stands at a height above ordinary and has a lean, almost athletic build. The black base consists of two enormous buns on top of her head and a short length down her neck; on top of this, she wears a light-colored or bleached plait or braid that loops around both buns and meets in a short length in the back, framing her face.

Everyone in the Joestar family, including Jolyne, was born with a little star-shaped birthmark on the back of their left shoulder, not far from the neck. On the upper part of her left forearm, she has a tattoo of butterfly wings with a dagger pointing downward.

Every one of her tops features a dagger on the chest. After being slender and smooth in Part 5, Jolyne’s body undergoes a slight transformation in Part 6. She simultaneously dons a number of spiderweb-print, generally dark, garments.


Personality of Jolyne Kujo

In her youngsters, Jolyne would have been written off as a runaway and a hopeless case due to her erratic behavior, lack of impulse control, and disrespect for authority figures. She was angry at Jotaro for abandoning her and tried many times to get his attention by committing minor crimes, leading to her arrest. Jolyne’s lack of a father figure led to her relying on the love and admiration of those around her.

As a result, she was willing to lie about Romeo’s accident, which led to her receiving a 15-year prison sentence. Jolyne develops into a more self-assured and brave young woman after receiving Jotaro’s declaration of love and receiving her Stand. Her top objective is now “reviving” Jotaro, who is in a coma because Whitesnake stole his Stand and memories.

Jolyne never changes her belligerent demeanor. Jolyne is a former criminal who is currently serving time in a high-security jail. As a result, she has become extremely unpleasant and often mocks her adversaries. She also encourages women to assert themselves forcefully, saying that F.F. should physically confront a fellow woman who tried to cut in line for lunch.

As an example of her extreme violence, Jolyne has been known to use the cutting abilities of her string to sever her opponents’ ears and nails. Jolyne doesn’t actively seek death, and she’s been clear that she doesn’t want Ermes to follow in her murderous footsteps. Nonetheless, she has no qualms about resorting to deadly action against her mortal nemesis Enrico Pucci.


Biography of Jolyne Kujo

Jolyne’s father, Jotaro, was often absent from her life as a child because he was busy working. Her teenage years went downhill from the moment she was arrested for a robbery she didn’t commit and had to flee from the police on a stolen motorcycle.

She and her mother pleaded her innocence and begged Jotaro to bail her out of jail after she was wrongfully arrested and detained on false charges. Unfortunately, she was taken to juvenile jail because he did not believe her.

Jolyne’s frustration with Jotaro’s departure only grew after her mother divorced him. She quickly became a member of the Hell Riders gang and began getting into even more mischief with them. After she left the gang and got her act together at 19, she went on a date with a wealthy, privileged young man named Romeo. Romeo and Jolyne were returning home when he hit and killed a pedestrian.

Romeo was concerned that he would receive a ticket for careless driving, which would result in him being removed from the waiting list for admission to a university. He made the decision to remove the body and dispose of it in an unknown location, and he persuaded Jolyne to assist him in this endeavor so that they could both forget about the situation. But, Jolyne was taken into custody at her residence a few days later.

Abilities and Powers

Powers and abilities of Jolyne Kujo

Stone Free, Jolyne’s Pokémon, is a great physical fighter because it possesses both speed and strength, just like her father’s Star Platinum did. Additionally, she is able to freely manipulate string as a result of her ability to transform her body into string, which typically begins with her hands.


Her family and friends are briefly discussed below.


Jolyne family includes:


Jolyne’s mother makes an appearance or is brought up in conversation only infrequently. Because she was the only person who was ever given permission to nickname Jolyne “JoJo,” it is generally accepted that she has a deep affection for Jolyne and that, in Jotaro’s absence, she dotes over her.

Jutaro Kujo

At first, Jolyne’s relationship with Jotaro is incredibly difficult because she grew up with her father far away and almost never saw him. She was falsely accused of pickpocketing and arrested when she was fourteen. Jotaro visited her and attempted to help her escape, but she exploded at him. After risking her life to save her, Jolyne broke down and rescued Jotaro, forsaking her own freedom and pledging to retrieve his Stand. As time went on, she learned to appreciate and idolize her father more. When Jotaro returns later, both father and daughter demonstrate significant concern for one another.


Friends of Jolyne includes:

Romeo Jiso

Jolyne and Romeo were dating before she matured; during that time, she was too affectionate and shy, and he was wary of her because of her suspected gang ties. When Romeo falsely accused Juliet of his manslaughter under aggravating circumstances, she ended up in prison. After Jolyne breaks out of jail, she visits him, and he begs for forgiveness, breaking down in tears. Romeo demonstrates true remorse and even helps her out, but even though Jolyne doesn’t seem to be holding any grudges, she nonetheless damages his tongue to keep him quiet.

Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters came across Jolyne as adversaries at first. Yet Jolyne protects Foo Fighters, and the band eventually becomes one of Jolyne’s allies. Jolyne is kind and polite toward the Foo Fighters, and she watches out for them because she can tell how naive they are. The band Foo Fighters, dubbed F.F. by Jolyne, admires her tenacity and values the time they spent with her. To save Jolyne’s life, they are ultimately willing to put themselves in harm’s way, if necessary even to the point of death.

Emporio Alnino

Jolyne treats Emporio like a younger brother and a trustworthy ally, while Emporio is inspired by her tenacity and resolve, seeing parallels to the relationship between Jolyne’s ancestor Jonathan Joestar and Poco. Jolyne, believing that Emporio will be able to overcome Pucci, rescues him from numerous perilous circumstances before sacrificing herself for his sake. Emporio and Irene are close because of Jolyne.

Narciso Anasui

Despite the fact that Anasui instantly fell in love with Jolyne, she has mixed feelings about him and isn’t particularly interested in him. In many cases, she just ignored his advances. Sometimes he’d try to seduce her in sneaky ways, like persuading F.F. to trip her down the stairs so he could catch her, or getting Jolyne, who was temporarily mute, to give him a French kiss, which would end with Jolyne punching him in the jaw.

Still, he cares deeply about her and will stop at nothing to make her happy. He has repeatedly put his life in danger to protect her, and when Jolyne is in mortal danger, he becomes a murderer. If they make it through the last showdown at Cape Canaveral, Jolyne promises to give Anasui her hand in marriage. Irene and Anakiss, Stone Ocean’s versions of Jolyne and Anasui, express a desire to wed towards the novel’s conclusion.

Ermes Costello

Jolyne and Ermes may have formed the first genuine friendship of her life behind bars. She and Ermes had a relationship, not unlike that of Jotaro and Jean Pierre Polnareff. Jolyne and Ermes have a positive impression of each other as allies and friends, and they enjoy spending time together because of their shared temperament.

Jolyne Kujo: Stone Ocean

Jolyne Kujo: Ocean stone

When Jolyne was first transferred, she made friends with an inmate named Ermes Costello, who gave her invaluable advice on how to stay alive behind bars. The former dashes off to pick up a present from her mom: a pendant so sharp it pricked her finger not long after she opened the box.

The next morning, she awoke with the ability to untangle herself like a bundle of strings. Jolyne, however, stayed put because she lacked the company and means to leave. Later, she shared a cell with Gwess, another prisoner who had a stand that could shrink people. Shrunken victims of Gwess were often made to wear the skins of dead animals. But Jolyne fought back and won, and now Gwess is the one who should be afraid of her cellmate.

After a while, Jotaro Kujo came to see her, and despite Emporio’s warning, she went to the visitor room to talk to him. Despite her father’s warnings that an enemy stand user was on the hunt for her because she had been framed, she still left home. Two stand users soon attacked the two, and one of them, Enrico Pucci, managed to get away with Jotaro’s stand disc and memory disc.

Jolyne was so shaken by Jotaro’s final confession that he loved his daughter that she stayed behind to retrieve the discs. Ermes and Jolyne find the hiding place of some stand discs after defeating an opponent.

Jolyne and F.F. beat the Foo Fighters, a group of humanoid plankton, and give them the stand disc they were looking for. During their free time in the courtyard, another prisoner challenges them to do one thousand throws and catches for $200.

Ermes loses the challenge because a guard got in the way. The prisoner then says that she is a stand user. Weather Reports can fight the enemy stand user himself, forcing the other person to bring gravity back. The Speedwagon Foundation agrees to take the stand disc, even though Jolyne will have to go through the prison’s male wing to get there.

Lang had used his stand to make air rise, so Jolyne and Weather went after him. Jolyne was able to pull the enemy stand user into the airless place she was in, and she was later able to give the disc to the Speedwagon Foundation. F.F. heals her and Jolyne because they were hurt while they were looking for Ermes.

The group ran into The Green Baby, who was protected by a stand that could make anyone who got close slowly shrink. F.F. was able to beat the stand by putting a frog brain in it, but he led the group into an ambush by accident. F. F died right when Jolyne wanted to talk to her.

Jolyne was placed in a maximum security ward along with Emporio by a warden. After escaping, they were attacked by an enemy stand capable of utilizing unseen creatures known as rods. Jolyne was able to distract her opponent by lighting herself on fire, which had the additional effect of convincing the enemy stand user to light himself on fire.

After interrogating her opponent, Jolyne and her team continued on their journey and were attacked by another enemy stand, this one capable of digging up past events and trapping targets in them. Despite almost losing, Pucci was able to defeat Weather thanks to a distraction and Heavy Weather’s effect on the group ceased.

As the group grew closer to defeating Pucci, his stand gained its final evolution and Pucci dropped a large number of knives on Jolyne just as Jotaro was stopping time. Ermes and Anasui died shortly after and Jolyne decided to tie Emporio onto a dolphin before sending him away. She engaged in one final battle against Pucci, dying in the process off-screen.

When Pucci succeeded in restarting the universe, Emporio saw new versions of Jolyne and Jotoro, and Jolyne escaped from prison with her father. After Emporio kills Pucci, the universe resets once again due to the previous one still being incomplete.

In this new universe, Jolyne is reborn and in a relationship with Anakiss, and they meet Emporio and Elvis, a reborn version of Ermes. Irene tells Anakiss to let a hitchhiker join them, reuniting the group of friends.

Final Thoughts

Araki (author of the series) decided to give the series its first female protagonist. Jolyne, because he believes the shifting perception of female characters allows him an opportunity to demonstrate their combat prowess.

Before Fairouz Ai (Japanese from the third season onward) and Kira Buckland (English), Miyuki Sawashiro provided the voice of Jolyne in the video games JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. The critical response to Jolyne has been overwhelmingly positive, with many reviewers praising her nuanced portrayal and growth from flawed individual to independent protagonist.

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