Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Episode 34 Review

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Episode 34 Review

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure – Golden Wind Anime Episode 34 [The Requiem plays quietly, part 1] Review


The previous episode ended with everyone fainting and then after a couple of hours they all gradually gain consciousness. Everyone has changed in a way that they are not the same person anymore. Either their minds or their souls have been swapped with the person who was standing nearest to them at the time they fainted.

As it turns out, we have Narancia standing dazed in Giorno’s body. Mista finds himself in Trish’s body. Trish is bewildered when she finds herself in Mista’s body and Giorno is struggling to remain calm as he finds himself in Narancia’s body. I think it was humorous to see Trish insulting Mista throughout the episode and telling him how despicable person he is. Although, the group does not know whether this was done by an enemy stand user or a friendly stand user, but it is quite clear to then that this was done by a stand.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Episode 34 Review

The places that they least expected, hold the answers to their questions. Polnareff wants to have a word with Bruno’s group and share with them some vital information. However, to do this he has to channel his soul into the turtle while his body is already nearing death. The vital information consists on firstly, the name of the boss. And secondly, what the secret of the arrow is and how it was possible that the boss will be defeated by help of the arrow. But it is also important that whoever possesses the arrow should be able to keep its powers under his control. Polnareff never managed have that control over the arrow’s power.

However, as a result of a minor accident, he does manage to find out that he has the ability to control the arrow. Diavolo and Polnareff have an intense fight. After the fight, Polnareff finds a safe place to rest. It was at that moment that the arrow fell close to him. As Polnareff was wheelchair bound, he was not able to grasp the arrow. He ordered the Silver Chariot to retrieve the arrow and hand it over to him. The Silver Chariot got injured when it attempted to pick up the arrow which had fallen behind the desk. Consequently, similar to the start of the episode, people started falling unconscious again. Before too much harm was inflicted, Polnareff miraculously grasped the arrow at that very moment.  In any way they have to take the Arrow back. Whether they rip the arrow from the Silver Chariot or just battle it out. It’s very important that the stand has the arrow, otherwise they will perish. As the stand User is dead, the stand would not last long anyway.

While they are searching for the Silver Chariot, they noticed some movement. They see the boss’s body, however it is Bruno’s stand coming from it. Throughout the episode we were wondering what happened to Bruno’s soul. It is quite possible that his body it dead as it has not yet woken up. He orders Sticky Fingers to fetch the arrow as he approaches the Silver Chariot. This is the part where the episode ends. I really liked how in the start of the episode everyone was dazzled and trying to find out what was happening. It was exciting to see people’s body swapping in this way. Clearly, there are more adverse effects of this power up than just body swapping. The power of the stands seemed to be enhanced greatly by this. In this episode, both Sex Pistols and Aerosmith are powered up to a great extent.

Will Diavolo be defeated or not? In whose possession will the arrow be? What will be their fate? Whether they will live or die? Stay tuned, because we will unravel these questions.

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