Manga Kurogane Kai by Kei Toume Goes on 3-Month Hiatus
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Manga Kurogane Kai by Kei Toume Goes on 3-Month Hiatus

Manga Kurogane Kai by Kei Toume Goes on 3-Month Hiatus

On Wednesday it was disclosed by this year’s sixth issue of Shueisha’s Grand Jump magazine that manga Kurogane Kai by Kei Toume will be paused and will come back on May 20 in the 12th issue of the magazine. On April 1 Kei Toume will issue a special work in the ninth issue of the magazine.

The manga is a revitalization work of the previous manga Kurogane by Toume. The primary manga was issued by Del Rey and it explains the story plot in following manner:

Avenging his dad’s homicide involves respect for the youthful samurai Jintetsu. However, incidentally, the executioner is a degenerate government authority and now the people pulling the strings are resolved to chase Jintetsu down like a creature. There’s just a single issue: Jintetsu is now dead.

Destroyed by a pack of canines, Jintetsu’s attacked body has been found by Genkichi, outsider and ace innovator. Genkichi gives the dead kid another, indestructible steel body and a talking sword–exactly what he’ll have to look down the pack that is threatening his old neighborhood and the mobster who requested his dad’s hit. In any case, shouldn’t something be said about Otsuki, the lovely young lady he deserted? Steel protective layer is guard against any sword, yet it can’t spare Jintetsu from the torment in his heart.

In February 2017 the manga Kurogane Kai was commenced in the Grand Jump by Toume. On October 18 the third assembled book volume of the manga was issued by Shueisha.

The original manga was commenced in the Kodansha’s Morning magazine by Kei Toume where it was in succession from 1997 to 2001 and after that it went on pause until the commencement of the manga Kurogane Kai. Five assembled book volumes of the manga were issued by Kodansha. All of the five volumes of the manga were issued in English by Del Rey.

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The manga Lament of the Lamb by Toume was issued in English by Tokyopop. In 2003 a four episode OVA was made based by the manga Lament of the Lamb. In July 2016 the manga Kūden Noise no Himegimi was commenced in the Gentosha’s Comic Birz magazine by Toume and in January 2019 the third assembled volume was issued by Gentosha. In June 2018 the consecutive work was concluded by Comic Birz. In January 2019 the manga was re commenced in the Kodansha’s Evening magazine as a prolongation with a new name Kūden no Himegimi. On October 23 the primary assembled book volume was set out by Kodansha.

A television anime version is going to be made based by the manga Sing “Yesterday” for Me by Toume that will debut on April 4 on the TV Asahi in the new NUManimation programming block


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