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Major 2nd Anime’s 2nd Series Reveals New Cast, Staff, April 4 Premiere

On Thursday the authorized Twitter account of the second anime series of baseball manga Major 2nd by Takuya Mitsuda disclosed the new cast members, crew members, a visual, and the April 4 anime debut date on NHK Educational. Daiki Yamashita is going to be the voice over artist of the character cocksure rookie Akira Nishina the recurring cast members are Natsumi Fujiwara and Kana Hanazawa.

Ayumu Watanabe came back as the director at the OLM and the series scripts is supervised by recurring author Michihiro Tsuchiya. The script is being wrote by Tsuchiya along with recurring writers Kenichi Yamashita and Kenji Konuta along with Akiko Inoue is teaming up in the scriptwriting team. The new designer of character is Miki Matsumoto in place of Kenichi Ohnuki. The director of sound is Toshiki Kameyama. The composer of music is Kotaro Nakagawa.

In December 2015 an animated advertisement was made based on the follow up manga and in April 2018 an anime series version was debuted. The primary anime series was telecast by Crunchyroll as soon as it was broadcast in Japan and it explains the story in following manner:

Shigeno Daigo is a grade school understudy whose father, Goro, is an expert baseball player. Roused by his dad, who was at one time a Major League player, Daigo began playing baseball with the Mifune Dolphins, an adolescent class group. He was not able satisfy the hopes of being the child of an expert, be that as it may, and quit baseball after not exactly a year. At that point, in the spring of his 6th grade year, Daigo’s school respects a student from another school who’s simply come back from America. The student from another school is Sato Hikaru, and it turns out his dad is Sato Toshiya, a previous Major League player and Goro’s dear companion. The destiny of these two youngsters starts to push ahead!

In March 2015 the manga was issued in Weekly Shonen Sunday by Mitsuda as being the initial chapter in 5 years of the manga series. Now, this manag has lately come back after taking a break in April.

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Major was sequential in Weekly Shonen Sunday by Mitsuda from 1994 till 2010. 78 assembled volumes of the series were issued out by Shogakukan. The story was started when a famous and skilled baseball player met a terrible accident and dies which encouraged his son Goro Honda to be a expert baseball player.

In 2004 the first anime version based of this manga was started and in 2010 the 6th anime series based on this manga was started. In 2008 an anime movie named Major: Yūjō no Winning Shot also based on this manga was made.




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