Heaven Official's Blessing Season 2

Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2 – Plot – Release Date – FAQs

Heaven official’s blessing season 2: The return of Heaven Official’s Blessing has been eagerly anticipated by anime fans for around two years as of this writing. Fans may rest certain that a second season of Heaven Official’s Blessing is on the coming, albeit they may wonder about the trailer’s teasers and the show’s release date.

Heaven official’s blessing season 2 Release Date:

Heaven official’s blessing season 2 was aired on 31st October 2022. Fans of Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2 deserve praise for their ability to be patient and persistent throughout the show. It has been two very long years since their favorite anime series has been available on television screens for an extended period of time.

Heaven official's blessing season 2

Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2 Trailer

Heaven Official’s Blessing sometimes referred to as Tian Guan Ci Fu, is a popular anime series produced by Donghua that is inspired by a Chinese novel by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu. The novel was published in Chinese. It was initially made available on Bilibili and Symptoms back in October 2020, and then it was made available on Netflix in April 2021; however, by that time, fans in China had already finished watching season 1 of the anime.

Heaven Official’s Blessing quickly gained traction, making it a notable anime title among many others that were well received in 2021. A second season of Heaven Official’s Blessing was announced early in 2021, and it appears that production on it had already began before the first season’s conclusion had even aired on Bilibili.

Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2 Plot

About Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2

Heavens Official Blessing Season 2, commonly known as Tian Guan Ci Fu, is a Chinese Donghua anime that debuted on October 31, 2022. The show is also known by its Japanese name, Heavens Official Blessing. The fact that Heaven Official’s Blessing was one of the first big Chinese series to get an anime adaptation contributed significantly to the show’s enormous popularity.

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In addition, the popularity is shown in the number of viewers who tuned in for the first season. The anime has been given an 8.4-star rating on IMDb. As a direct consequence of this, there is no room for question regarding the continuation of the second season.

The first season consisted of this series consist of 11 episodes, with one, in particular, standing out from the rest. Xie Lian is a fallen deity who climbed to the rank of God 800 years ago by accomplishing remarkable feats for humanity. These deeds helped humanity in ways that were previously unimaginable.

He was fairly prominent in the past, but after seeing the atrocities of war, he made the decision to come back down to Earth. Xie is a preacher of nonviolence, but despite his good looks, no conflicts have been prevented because of him; hence, he is a fallen deity with very little spiritual power.

During the time when he is advancing to the third level as a God of garbage and disaster, he comes face to face with a man who is clad in crimson and calls himself San Lang. San Lang tells him his name. This mysterious man is the one who can shed light on Xie Lian’s past. Both of them join an inquiry and a hunt for ghosts that is being conducted along with two other heavenly officers.

Heaven Official's Blessing


Frequently asked questions about this season are as follows:

Is Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2 Canon?

Since many claim that Heaven Official’s Blessing is a spinoff that was truly inspired by the original Chinese novel, many fans are questioning if season 2 would be canon to the original source material. Nonetheless, given the abundance of material from which the anime series’ writers can draw, it is likely that Heaven Official’s Blessing will return for a second season.

Jinjiang Literature City is a well-known Chinese website for publishing and serializing online fiction pieces, and in 2017 they published the novel Heaven Official’s Blessing. A total of 244 chapters are included in The Heaven Official’s Blessing, with an additional 8 chapters devoted to ‘post-canon’ content

What Could Heaven Official’s Blessing Season 2 Be About?

The second season of Heaven Official’s Blessing has a trailer that hints at some of the content viewers can anticipate to see. Following the classic plot within the Heaven Official’s Blessing Chinese novel, it appears from the trailer that season 2 of Heaven Official’s Blessing will reveal both new characters and old wounds. Among those returning are the Generals Xuan Zhen and Nan Yang.

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The clip also suggests that the Ghost City will make an appearance in Season 2 of Heaven Official’s Blessing. It is speculated that Hua Cheng, who is thought to rule the Ghost City, will reveal his true identity to Xie Lian upon their reunion.

How the story unfolds?

Three years after Xie Lian’s first reign, Hua Cheng became a frequent fixture at the shrine he maintained for the Crown Prince. One day, the white clay flower that was supposed to be atop God’s monument snapped off, so from then on, he would sneak a fresh bloom inside the statue every day. On a regular basis, he was forcibly removed from his home and forced to spend his days fasting in the Prince’s shrine.

In an effort to get the small boy to eat the tempting fruit, Lian repeatedly turned invisible. Hua Cheng, on the other hand, would rather starve than consume Xie Lian’s offering. Xie Lian questioned the Crown Prince on his worthiness of survival. By answering the boy, Xie Lian was breaking a divine law. The words he spoke inspired Hua Cheng, and he ate the fruits of the offering before accepting the crimson umbrella he still carries 800 years later.

Final Thoughts

The first official trailer for Season 2 of Heaven’s Blessing has been released, giving viewers a glimpse at some of the tensions that will unfold in the show.
According to the official synopsis for Season 2 of Heaven’s Official’s Blessing, “Xie Lian was really the Crown Prince of the Xian Le kingdom 800 years prior.”

As one person put it, “He was the darling of the world.” Although he had a brief stint in the afterlife, he was eventually relegated to the realm of mortals. After several years, he finally reaches the summit, only to be kicked back down again minutes later.

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