Anime Let's Make a Mug Too Gets New Manga Version
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Anime Let’s Make a Mug Too Gets New Manga Version

Anime Let's Make a Mug Too Gets New Manga Version

The television anime version of the city of Tajimi’s advertising manga Yakunara Mug Cup Mo is going to have a separate manga version itself. On January 28 the manga is going to commence on Akita Shoten’s free manga website “Manga Cross”. The story of the new manga is being penned by original maker Osamu Kashiwara.

In 2012 the original manga was commenced and got updated four times in a year. The manga also consist of a four panel follow up manga named Naoko no Kobachi. The manga has been explained by the English website of the manga in the following manner:

The city of Tajimi, situated in the southern piece of Gifu Prefecture, Japan, is popular for Mino pottery. The city is dabbed with chronicled earthenware makers and clay craftsmanship exhibition halls. It has offices where you can take a stab at making stoneware, and numerous cafés that serve food on Minoware dishes.

The story starts when a secondary school young lady moves to a shopping road in Tajimi. Numerous experiences anticipate her, companions, town society, clay craftsmanship, and so on What will she find in a town popular for earthenware?

In April the anime was debuted. The anime is also going to have a live action part. The live action part is going to feature the cast of the anime highlighting famous sites and shops in Tajimi, and will take on challenges.

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