Wise Man's Grandchild Anime Episode 11 Review
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Wise Man’s Grandchild Anime Episode 11 Review

Wise Man's Grandchild Anime Episode 11 Review

I’m sure that if another woman is brought in this anime by starting with her boobs, I’d go crazy. The tradition of boob intro was upheld as usual this week. However, the problem arose when a demonoid man determines whether Alice and Lyn are grown women or little girls by their breast sizes. It turns out that grown women with small boobs do not exist, but that is just common sense. Right?  So the conclusion is reached that they must be little girls. I should admit that this was quite an annoying thing for me and it is commonly found in Anime and maybe even in some cultures. Although, some people might even have a fetish for such content, but in Wise Man’s Grandchild it only spirals into other problems.

The focus in this episode was on the fight between the Ultimate squad and the army of demonoids and Zest losing the neighbouring kingdom on Sweed. What compelled him to do this was that he wanted to meet Shin so he could be able to use his powers. This would obviously mean that he is not taking into consideration what was told to him by Schrom regarding the skill level of Boy Wonder. That is exactly what is going to catch up with him later. Schrom now has some friends that are as powerful as Shin and he is correct about what he has been saying about the capabilities of Shin. This would be disastrous for The Zesty Troops and maybe even for Zest, as Schrom is quite aware of what Zest has done.

This episode also has some connotations to class warfare as majority of the demonoids belong to the Empire’s peasant class. Metaphorically speaking, the ruling class has demonized them and we have seen this in past with schrom. By making use of their demonoid power and their physical strength, they have rebelled against the nobility. The physical strength that they gained from working as the labour class has made them strong enough to fight any knight. However, fighting wizards that are highly skilled is something different. Majority of the wizards belong to the nobility. This makes the situation quite dangerous as it is said that in a fight for power, the victor will always be the ruling class that runs the establishment, rather than the workers that toil in the fields.

All about Kenja no Mago (Wiseman's Grandchild)

I am not sure what the intended outcome of the show is, but the undertones in the story seem quite troubling. Adding to the trouble is the fact that high-ranking demons are using these demonoids and that there is a clear power difference between these demonoids and those trained by the nobles, like Miria and Schrom. Either the high ranking demonoids have accepted this power difference or they are simply unaware of it, tells us a lot about the Empire than any other thing.

This episode mostly consists of battles that are more like people casting spells at each other and the fight that Maria and Aug have with an extremely strong demon. This fight is more than just a power play, it need proper strategizing about how to tackle the demon. Sizilien and Shin are also given a few moments where that try to flatter and win each other favour. As compared to the previous episodes, this one is quite well integrated and I hope that the next week’s episode will continue on the same pattern as this one.

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