sakie satou
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Sakie Satou – ‎Demi-chan wa Kataritai

sakie satou

Sakie Satou is the female leading character in Demi-chan wa Kataritai.

She is a mathematics teacher by profession and a Succubus. Due to being a demi-human, there are many consequences to adjust and live a normal life.

Sakie Satou – ‎Demi-chan wa Kataritai


Sakie is an appealing woman with dark hair, violet eyes and huge bust. Most of the time she appears to be wearing a crimson track suit and glasses; the purpose of tracksuit is to cover up her body. Without her glasses and loosen up hair, Saki (as Tetsu recalled) is highly seductive. Moreover, it appears she tries to fend off getting eye contact because her reason of wearing glasses is it helps her hide her face.



Due to being a succubus, she unwillingly release an aphrodisiac scent. Much to her distress, this ability unintentionally attracts other male towards her in sensuality. As we have observed succubus tropes, Satou contradicts them all due to being shy and humble, being really careful and cautious due to her abilities and avoid making eye contact with male.

Satou personality is a little awkward around people, 4 feet is the max length she can come close to males. Due to Takahashi ability of controlling his emotions, even after effective aphrodisiac, to which other man are unwillingly charmed, even her disciples, succumb.

The first and foremost priority being an educator is the well-being of her students. Humble, generous, respecting and somewhat inept by nature, the personality she possess would be suitable for a wife for most men, intensifying her appeal towards her and which in turn gets her self-consciousness. Due the reasons stated so far, Saki analyze that dating might be good experiment to determine if her appeal depends on her appearance or her personality? A mystery that’s been her greatest nightmare.


  • She lives in a house in a remote location, as having neighbors would make her uneasy due her aphrodisiac effect.
  • Saki awakes at 4:15 every morning.
  • She is home less than she wishes as she is forced to take the last and first trains to avoid large crowds.
  • Its vaguely implied Saki will lose her aphrodisiac effect or it will be greatly lessened once she has children. When Ugaki explained demi division cases involving succubi, he states only YOUNG succubi are the cause of the case.


sakie satou

sakie satou

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