Saya Endo – Dagashi Kashi


Saya Endo – Dagashi Kashi

Saya Endo takes care for and works as a waitress at a family café, Café Enzo. She has crush on her childhood friend Kokonotsu Shikada.


Saya is an adorable girl with blonde long hair with bangs parted to the left and pinned up with two hair pins. She has brown eyes with small pupils. Compared to Hotaru Shidare, she has small breasts.

She wears earrings on both ears and has got rook and lobe pierced on right ear and has double lobe piercings on her left ear with two helix ring-earrings.

Saya Endo – Dagashi Kashi


Saya is a warm hearted girl who cares about people around her and never refuse to assist other when they need help. Sometimes she gets shy when she is put in an awkward situation by Hotaru Shidare. Saya is like any other ordinary girl while she is with her friends and chatting with the friends she like to be with. She can’t seems to get those awkward situations out of her mind where she and Kokonotsu Shikada ae put into, by Hotaru.

At some point, when her brother teases her, she becomes a totally different person and shows violent streak. For instance, when Tō flicked her skirt, she pushed him far away with just one punch.


Saya was attached to her childhood friend Kokonotsu Shikada, when they were kids. She is also closed to her elder brother, Tō Endō to the extent of being intimidating in front of him.

When Saya was younger, she used to spend a lot of her time with Kokonotsu Shikada and played indoor games with him. At that time She was confident about her feelings towards him but being an adult, she is keeps her feelings hidden and doesn’t feel confident enough to step forward towards him. She has also observed that as a child he was extremely interested in dagashi but that interest was diverted towards Hotaru Shidare when she entered the picture.

Her bond with Kokonotsu became strong since the day she wished to play with Kokonotsu Shikada at Shikada Dagashi, when she came to know that he has Youurette.  He starting talking about dagashi at which she was she praised him and was impressed by his knowledge. He told her that he wanted to play doctor using that knowledge. Saya was shocked and even though they weren’t really willing to play, she convinced him to play.

While playing doctor, Saya became the doctor and he played the role of patient who had visited to examine his temperature. When she checked him by touching his forehead, he felt her hand’s temperature was higher than his forehead. Due to the anxiety, she was about to fall off the chair but he saved her and they came closer to each other. She was grateful to him.

Saya came across with Hotaru Shidare during the occurrence of an accident and Hataru confirmed if she is okay. When they were at Saya’s place, Hotaru went for shower and when Saya went looking for clothes but Tō Endō ended up watching Hotaru without any clothes on. Saya confirmed from Hotaru if he did anything wrong. Saya offered her a cup of coffee and asked the reason for her arrival in the town on Hotaru gave a confusing response but still Saya though that Hotaru was a nice person.

There was a time when Hotaru gave speech to Saya and Kokonotsu Shikada on Fue Ramune but they both couldn’t get the crux of the whole lecture.



Saya’s first name is written in katakana but there is no particular meaning of it while her surname Endō can be described as “distant” (遠) (en) and “wisteria”       (藤) (dō). Her full name is jest on “Saya-endō” (podded pea, 莢豌豆). Saya character design is the most ‘normal’ one as she has comparatively small pupils.

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