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Reasons to Watch Saint Seiya

Watch Saint Seiya

It is quite rare to see anime series become a pioneer of trend. Dragon Ball, sailor Moon and Naruto are the top most trend setters. Saint Seiya is also in the list of these pioneers which was created by Masami Kurumada in 1986. The tale of Saint Seiya is about how Seiya and his friends the Bronze Saints of Athena protected reincarnation of Goddess of Wisdom from all kinds of danger that could harm her and the whole world. The anime adaptation was released in October, 1986 which gradually became popular all over the world.

This popularity made led to the creation of two spinoff in 2006; Saint Seiya: Next Dimension which was also created by Kurumada and Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas which was written and illustrated by Shiori Teshirogi. Initially they decided to follow the same story of the War against Hades, the God of the World But the plot changed very soon. The first two parts of the Lost Canvas were adapted into an anime in 2009 despite of being considered as non-canon.  It is by far, one of the best spinoffs of Saint Seiya among the fans.

Listed below are all the reasons why Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas is a much watch anime even if u have not been following it since the beginning.

Dynamic Animation

Saint Seiya has been very progressive in terms of animation. From the beginning with two different teams of animators, the character design changed from a muscled one to the most famous character design which was created by hingo Araki and Michi Himeno. Their style of character design was not same as Masami Kurumada. However, that did not happen in The Lost Canvas as Yuko Iwasa’s style of designing was quite similar to Teshigori. They also had better budget as the series was released on OVA. Therefore the animation is gorgeous.

The Plot of Hades War

It’s good to watch how an epic battle occurred regardless how it ended. The sole motive all saints’ existence is to fight against the Gods who want to destroy the humanity. The battle was quite brutal which ended with only two Gold saints alive and Dohko spending the rest of his life guarding the door of hell to make sure Hade’s army never come back.

Watching Old Characters

This part is fascinating for those fans who like Saint Seiya: The Hades Chapter. Watching younger version of both Shion and Dohko before they became saint and Guardian of the Door of Hell is interesting as they are less serious than expected.

Tenma and Alone

The relationship of Tenma and Alone is another reason why you should be watching the series. The love of Alone for Tenma is really strong even though he has been trying to destroy the world because according to him it could stop suffering. His obsession for Tenma is to the extent that it makes us believe that he was doing it because Tenma sided with his sister and was against him. However, Tenma cares for his friend but not more than the world.

Gold Saints as Heroes

Initially all Gold Saints were not villain. They were antagonist and after the Sanctuary arc we only get to see the remaining saints as cameos till Hades Saga. So watching all Gold, Silver and Bronze saint as one team along with Pope working with Athens is made possible in The Lost Canvas. Although we all know how it will end but it is still wonderful to watch Sanctuary glorying.Watch Saint Seiya

We highly recommend you to watch The Lost Canvas while waiting for next batch of episodes as it is available on Netflix.

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