Okko’s Inn

Okko’s Inn: Movie Review

Okko’s Inn

Movie Okko’s Inn is based on literature series for children which is written by Hiroko Reijo. The story revolves around an orphan girl Oriko Seki ‘Okko’, who was the lone survivor of a car accident in which he parents died. She was then starts living with grandmother, Mineko who owns a ryokan (Japanese Inn). She has to tackle with a new environment, insects, a new job and most importantly mysterious activities around her. 

While cleaning her room, she comes across a carefree ghost, Makoto “Uribo”. He advices her to become a junior innkeeper. Things starts to get stranger when these mysterious characters keeps showing up to help getting used to the new environment, her duties and dealing with her sorrow

Okko’s Inn

Soon we are introduced to supporting characters which include Miyo who is also ghost and a dead elder sister of Okko’s reserved class fellow whose family also owns an inn, a demon, Suzuki who is always hungry and a fortune teller, Glory Suriyo who adores Okko and goes out with her for shopping and acts like her older sister who perceives her connection with spirituality.

The movies explores some really great moments of these characters together along with depth of few of these characters. For example we get to learn about a touching backstory of a daffy ghost, Uribo died who was friends with Okko’s grandmother

Okko’s Inn

The film ends with heartwarming scenes which are perfectly blends with the touching theme of the story. It’s better for you to watch it for yourself so we won’t spoil it but depicts all concepts that developed while plot moves forward like acclimatized to the new environment and dealing with death and the sorrows it brings.

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The film is directed by Kitarô Kôsaka (Director of Nasu: Summer in Andalusia) who has an experience of working in animation department of Studio Ghibli for Hayao Miyazaki’s movies. Although it may sound exaggerating but Okko’s Inn surely reminds of those masterpieces.

 The voice actors have done an excellent job in portraying these characters perfectly. Seran Koboyashi has voiced Okko who has incredibly depicted the emotional elements of the character. The English dub is equally wonderful for those who likes to watch anime in English.

The movie score has been directed by Keiichi Suzuki who has brilliantly managed to compose a music that beautifully accompanies the theme of the story and adds more depth to the most poignant moments of the movie. The movie also has some pleasant songs that goes perfectly well with the score which include ending theme Mataashita which is performed by Sakura Fujiwara and song Jinkan Bujee Jump by Kobayashi Seran which we get to listen during a journey of Okko accompanied with Glory to a mall.

Manga Entertainment has brought Okko’s Inn in UK. This visually appealing movie has been added with more gorgeousness with Blu-Ray.

Okko’s Inn is highly recommended to both younger audience and older ones as it the depth of its concepts can also be enjoyed by adults. It is one of the most amusing animated movie with light comedy and heartwarming scenes that goes well with its theme. After watching such a beautiful work by Director Kitarô Kôsaka, we expect more of his works in the future.

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