My Hero Academia Releases Visual of Hawks

Viewers of My Hero Academia will be entertained to witness the first character portrait of Hawks, who is about to make his debut in the forthcoming movie My Hero Academia THE MOVIE Heroes: Rising. It has been revealed that the voice actor dedicated for the character is Yuichi Nakamura (Tsukasa Shishio, Dr Stone, Tetsuro Kuro, Haikyu!!).

The Pro Hero Hawks has a pair of red wings, which are huge and are at the back of his body and with those wings he is able to fly in the sky with ease, but this doesn’t end here his Quirk ‘Fierce Wings’ allows him to freely control every single feather on his wings when he wants to. He is the youngest of all Pro Hero who resides in the Top Ten Hero Ranking, no other hero is younger than him and not only that ever since the first appearance in the manga he is known to be the most mysterious character who has proved to be very famous with the reader.

The movie will begin screening in cinemas across Japan from 20 December 2019. Check out what Hawks’ voice actor, Nakamura, has to say about his role below!

The movie will make its way to the cinemas from 20 December 2019 across Japan. Below you can read the review of the voice actor of Hawks, Yuichi Nakamura.


Hawks is an extremely unpredictable and interesting character who will leave you clueless at what his next act will be. I’m really curious to see how his role will develop as the plot proceeds on and feel very privileged and passionate to play a significant role in the anime. Expect amazing things from Hawks!


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