List of Best Manga like Return of the Legend
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List of Best Manga like Return of the Legend

Best Manga like Return of the Legend: Like many other Manhwa (Korean comics), the plot of The Return of the Legend is straightforward and combines elements of Slice of Life and Drama. You’ve come to the right place if you’ve finished the most recent episodes and are looking for more Manhwa to read. The top Manga like The Return of the Legend is listed below.

Wife After Love

Wife after Love - Manga like Return of the Legend

Wife After Love is a romantic slice-of-life manhwa about a pair of couples who met through a matchmaker. Wife After Love skips ahead three years instead of using time travel like The Return of the Legend. The story follows them as they go from not caring about each other before the time jump to developing feelings for one another afterward.

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression manga

Past Life Regression, in which the main character is given the opportunity to rewind time and begin life anew. If you liked The Return of the Legend and are looking for a Manhwa with a time travel plot that will also make your life better, look no further. The emphasis on Past Life Regression, however, is on Activity rather than a static snapshot of a person’s life. In addition, this Manhwa is now ongoing and only contains 29 episodes, so it will be easy for you to get caught up.

A Man’s Man

A Man's Man Manga

A young man who rises through the ranks to become one of the younger CEOs of one of the world’s largest technology companies, but who laments the lack of fulfilment in his life. Because there is no one to rejoice with him, and the cost of his position is the loss of all kinds of relationships with other people, he has no one to celebrate with. But, he overindulges in alcohol one night, and the next morning he discovers that he has travelled back in time by twenty years. At this time, Yuhyeon is working hard to maintain order in all aspects of his life and to learn from his prior errors.

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Lady Baby

Lady Baby manga

The plot of Lady Baby follows a similar pattern to that of the last narrative, in which the protagonist is given a second chance at her life, but this time with an intriguing new twist. The protagonist’s family is killed in an accident at the beginning of the novel, but she is given the opportunity to begin her life all over again from scratch. This is a very emotional moment for the reader. Lady Baby, in contrast to The Return of the Legend, was endowed with life from the moment she was born. Now this is where you get the spirit of an adult trapped inside the body of a little child.

My Secret Daddy

My Secret Daddy Manga

When it comes to Manga, My Secret Daddy stands out for its originality, heart, and focus on family. The Return of the Legend is also about reinventing oneself, however with a few key differences that elevate the plot. The plot of My Secret Daddy revolves around two protagonists: a man who has lost his girlfriend and a little boy who wanders the streets of America looking for his mother.

Kill the Hero

Kill the Hero Manga

Do you feel like reading a Manhwa that is similar to The Return of the Legend but has more of a fantasy element to it rather than a slice of life? Kill the Hero is a narrative about a guy who is murdered by his own Guild Leader; nevertheless, he is given a second chance at life and also makes significant adjustments to his previous life. On the other hand, this time he did not want to play the role of a Hero and save the world; rather, he wanted to get his own back on The Hero. Right now, Woojin is working to improve his skills in order to become the best and kill the hero.

A Gentleman’s Unique Taste

A Gentleman’s Unique Taste Manga

Want an Office Manga or Office Love? While A Gentleman’s Distinctive Taste focuses on a business leader, The Return of the Legend is set in a high school. Our main character is very attractive, very smart, and very successful in business, but he is single. How come he hasn’t settled down with a lady yet? If you like the style of The Return of the Legend Manhwa and are looking for a romantic novel, this is a great pick for you.

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Again My Life

Again My Life Manga

The plot of Again My Life is very similar to that of The Return of the Legend, in which the main character passes away and is given a second chance at life. The protagonist of Again My Life is a prosecutor, but he meets his end when he comes face to face with the Don of a Korean reign. On the other hand, he was given a charge to restart his life 18 years earlier, while he was still a student in high school. Currently, he is training himself to defeat that devil at some point in the future.

If You Give Me Flowers, I’ll Give You Myself

If You Give Me Flowers, I’ll Give You Myself

Flowers, Love, Exciting Times, The novel’s central premise, if you give me flowers I’ll give you myself, is about starting over and abandoning your old life. In this world, where a girl is terminally ill, she still hopes to uncover a unique flower to add to the Botany record books. In addition, we have a protagonist who, in order to escape his abusive father and begin a new life, has fled his hometown. It turns out that fate brought them together in the terrible desert, and now they’re both counting on each other to make their dreams come true.

Miss Time

Miss Time Manga

The story of Miss Time centers on the lives of three close friends named Sera, Gaon, and Jiho. Despite this, Sera manages to escape her wedding with Gaon’s assistance. Gaon helps Sera escape her wedding. But Jiho blames Gaon for everything that has happened, despite the fact that the two of them are no longer friends. Now, Sera wishes she could return back to those joyful days, and all of suddenly, she realizes that she is no longer an adult. Now that Sera and Gain are back in high school with all of their memories, the question is whether or not they will be able to improve on what they have already accomplished.

Final Thoughts

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