Typhoon Devil - Personality, Appearance ,Power and Abilities
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Typhoon Devil – Personality – Appearance – Power and Abilities

Typhoon Devil: Typhoon Devil is a secondary adversary in the Bomb Girl Arc and a minor antagonist in Chainsaw Man. It is later revealed that the devil, who at first appeared to be a typhoon-spawned creature who had made a deal with a serial murderer, is in fact Reze’s minion and will do everything for his master’s safety. The Typhoon Devil is a gigantic humanoid creature wrapped in a brain matter storm, with additional brain matter on its head connected to the storm.

The Typhoon Devil is a devil who represents how much people fear typhoons. The gigantic serpentine giant Typhon was one of the most dangerous monsters in Greek mythology. Typhon was the offspring of Gaia and Tartarus, as told by Hesiod. In contrast to the account that has Typhon as Cronus’s offspring, another account has Hera’s son Typhon as her only child. There are numerous well-known monsters who trace their ancestry back to Typhon and his wife Echidna.

In this post, we’ll talk about Typhoon Devil, which is interesting not only because it’s scary but also because it has a strange backstory and is related to Reze. One of the more unusual Devils in the show was the Typhoon Devil.


Typhoon Devil's appearance

When he first shows up, he looks like a drain that is swirling, which makes sense since he has the skills of a typhoon. This is done so that, after making a deal with his host, he can talk to him. After he shows what he really looks like, the Typhoon Devil looks like a huge tornado with the head of a baby who is opening his mouth. The upper part of the Typhoon Devil’s face was replaced by a human face that stuck out of his own head. The rest of his head looks like a baby’s mouth is opening.


Typhoon devil's personality

He is a devil with a serious, no-nonsense demeanor who is committed to his duty of carrying out the orders of his lord, much like Akane Sawatari from the previous story arc. He is also a practical demon who tries to get what he wants when he makes a deal with someone. In the end, though, his real loyalty is to Reze, and he really acts like a respectful, obedient, and friendly demon around her. He even tries to put himself in harm’s way to protect her when things get hard during the fight.

Power And Abilities

Typhoon Devil's power and abilities

Since the Typhoon Devil is a Devil, it has all the skills that Devils usually have. Some of these skills are: As a devil, the Typhoon Demon has the power to make people sign contracts in exchange for money. Even though it hasn’t been proven, the Typhoon Devil should be able to heal itself by eating blood, and after being killed, he should be able to heal himself in Hell, making him almost immortal. But neither of these claims has been shown to be true.

In the whole series, the Typhoon Devil is only known to have made one deal. It was with an assassin who didn’t want to be named who agreed to give him the powers of the Typhoon Devil for life in exchange for the Chainsaw Man’s heart. The assassin, however, died before he could carry out the contract. As far as we can tell, there was never an agreement between the two sides.

As for his other skills, the Typhoon Devil has more strength than most people. This shouldn’t be a surprise, since he is the personification of one of the most terrifying natural disasters that can be thought of. It can change into a whirling drain of water that can be used to talk over long distances. Even in this form, it can still sign contracts. This is another one of its very special communication-related skills.

Enhanced Strength

Because of his incredible strength, the Typhoon Devil is capable of bringing down entire structures simply by dashing through them. The wind that is generated by his body as it spins is powerful enough to lift people and cars into the air.

Obviously, his capacity to create enormous, destructive storms stands out as his most notable talent. The Typhon Devil’s bodily design allows it to create terrifying storms by spinning its intestines at high speeds. The manga depicted how such storms can level entire structures and launch vehicles into the air. To imprison Denji and Reze in a phone booth and a school, he employed a storm that he had created, but it turned out to be a regular storm, not just a downpour.


In Chapter 41, the Typhoon Devil first appears, discussing plans to steal Denji’s heart with a terrible killer with whom he has a contract. The murderer warns Denji about his talents before telling him about the time he kidnapped and tortured a group of devil hunters before killing them mercilessly. After their talk, the two figure out where Denji and Reze are and follow them to a specific school, where the Typhoon Devil traps them with his stormy abilities and the killer tries to kill Reze in cold blood.

When Reze had the killer the Typhoon Devil had made a deal with killed, the killer had no idea that he was being plotted against by the two. Since the Typhoon Devil agreed with Reze’s assessment of his behavior, he received a reprimand and was obliged to clean up the killer Reze had murdered.

In Chapter 49, the Typhoon Devil comes back to help Reze fight the Devil Hunters. As he does this, he wrecks the city with his typhoon powers. Denji joins forces with Beam, the Shark Devil, perhaps because of his victory over Katana Man. He wants to get close to the Typhoon Devil and do as much damage as he can with his chainsaw. Reze is at a disadvantage, so Typhoon Devil decides to help her by giving her some of his blood. In the end, though, Denji and Beam are successful, and by cutting off Typhoon Devil’s head, they kill him.

Final Thoughts

Typhoon Devil is stronger, which makes sense since he is the fear of one of the most powerful natural disasters imaginable. It also has a very special way of communicating: it can turn into a swirling drain of water that can be used to talk over long distances. Even in this form, it can still make contracts. I hope about loved reading our article about Typhoon Devil.

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