why do people like anime
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Why Do People Like Anime? Want Find Out, Read it now!

why do people like anime
Anime is yet another kind of TV and story line. Anime is built for multiple viewers and covers a variety of topics. I like these anime because I can’t see a lot of different stories in the rest of the movies. That said, some stuff can be irritating to some.

Another concern is that when animation people are animated, they believe that they are for children. Not as many anime will cover any gloomy and spoiled content which is unacceptable for younger viewers. This is not true.

One can get addicted to anime for several reasons… Few are below!

1. The structure of the story: anime is almost universally story-based rather than episodic. Very, very few west animations are based on plot, and nearly every comedy is episodic. Which is probably the most enticing part to me, not to say everything.

2. Entertainment…but for adults! : Most viewers prefer the anime series style and look as well as the visual quality and effects, in contrast with live action. Nearly all animations in western animation, however, concentrate on children who have very young stories, simple graphics and usually uninteresting subjects. Even Heck, the majority of anime aims for children (for example, Shonen jump anime), as opposed to most Western kids animation, are enjoyed by anime enthusiasts, who can’t be appreciated by huge numbers of adults.

3. They grew up watching it or had an early age introduction to it. At a young age, many anime fans watch such animes and grow up in the mind that anime is not necessarily inferior than the west media. Thus, many westerners are not so insane in their stigmata. First, they will be introduced to animation by activities such as Dragonball, Pokemon, Yu Gi Oh, Naruto, Bleach, Code Geass, Titan Assault and Ghibli Studios (in many respects, such as Disney films except that they are loved for any age more), and many others. You can also play it through board games or through franchise videos such as Pokémon or Yu Gi Oh.

4. A wide variety of styles and subjects are special. Anime has many genres most countries do not have, such as: mecha, harem, high school slice of life, etc. A lot of people want these sorts of stuff.

5. Style: manga and anime are very special and can not be found anywhere in the artistic category. While the style of the anime and manga is not entirely consistent, since multiple series may have different character designs, there are several parallels that differentiate from western animation. Some people prefer manga types, others don’t.

6. Eastern tropics, east cultural history, east historical narratives: tropics and storytelling in Japan will on several fundamental levels be very different from the west. In many novels, Japanese culture and history are also often infused. Some anime fans love these types of storytelling.

7. You may have an East or Japanese background, you have seen it or been born there / you just want to enjoy a nation’s history. Someone may even have friends or families of Japanese citizens and watch for the same reasons.

8. Much is there: many people view it merely as another way to see it. You might watch a Marvel movie close an anime movie and say “well, this is anime/western, I’m not going to watch it.” You do not even feel like anybody will be better and search various genres with the same interest.

9. And, clearly, because weeaboos are some anime lovers. Now it should be said that the bulk of Western anime fans are not weeaboos and not one, but some of the anime lovers are fascinated and glorified about Japanese culture and life. Nothing is wrong with the appreciation of real life facets of Japan today, but the appreciation of others known as “weeaboos,” is undeniable. That’s only one reason someone might like anime.

Simply put, it is appealing because it’s adorable and we like adorable stuff hardwired. It is addictive because it provides a passive diversion to a comfortable spot for troubled people.

The characters are young such as big eyes and wide heads, and even though they are adult, indulge in young behavior. Exaggerated and infantile mental speech.

What makes anime so popular?

Anime and manga have been at the center of Japanese culture for years and have been consistently common among the generations. In the past years, interest has increased dramatically in the UK and the West for anime and its comic strip equivalent manga.

One of the principal factors for anime to stand the test of time and become more famous worldwide is that it has a remarkable potential to evolve with its audiences. “Japanese anime broke the convention that children see the animation,” says Takamasa Sakurai, the renowned anime specialist, “due to its unconventional nature.” Overseas anime fans say that the strength of the plot is difficult to anticipate since the anime mostly centers on adults.

A lot of children in the United Kingdom watched anime TV shows, namely: Dragon Ball Z, Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh! When they watched, the children did not know they were watching Japanese animations but the success of the shows meant that they created a soft place for animation in their hearts. Now that the internet and streaming services like Netflix are growing in growth, it has allowed for adults to be far more accessible and to relive their childhood by making anime movies more old-fashioned. These include Spirited Away and TV programmes such as A Place Further than the Universe.

Due to the reduction of the Japanese population and increased export trade, Anime has become more popular in the foreign countries over recent years. This has led anime producers to make content more suitable for Western tastes, as well as to produce anime in the overseas countries as it is considerably cheaper. Famous animals such as Tezuka are now producing and pushing for international sales of their work.


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