Manga for Skating Anime Skate-Leading Stars
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Manga for Skating Anime Skate-Leading Stars

Manga for Skating Anime Skate-Leading Stars

On Wednesday it was disclosed by the April issue of Square Enix’s G Fantasy magazine that a manga version is going to be made of the original television anime Skate-Leading Stars by J.C. Staff. The story is being penned by Chiaki Nagaoka and the manga is being illustrated by Sumika Sumio.

The story of the anime is explained by the authorized website of the anime in following manner:

You will always lose against me.

Professional skater Kensei Maeshima halted his vocation when he heard those words from his opponent Reo Shinozaki. A few years after, Maeshima, presently a high schooler, utilizes his physical ability for to assist different clubs with different exercises, while never focusing on any a certain something. At some point, he sees a public interview where Shinozaki declared that he was moving from single skating to skate-driving. After that, he met a kid named Hayato Sasugai, who knew about Maeshima’s single skating vocation. With the words, I need you, Sasugai welcomes Maeshima to the universe of skate-driving, or serious group based skating.

Skate-driving is an anecdotal figure-skating rivalry, in which each group of five skaters wins focuses for specialized aptitudes, for example, harmony arrangement and aestheticness, for example, piece and amusement from a robotized camera-based framework and nine appointed authorities. There are three situations in each group: the lead who is the point-getter with numerous blend bounces, the wings that are chiefly answerable for bend lifts and comparable components, and the watchmen who perform with so much components as lifts and steps.

The main director is Goro Taniguchi and the animation production is being supervised by J.C. Staff. The original designer of character is Yana Toboso. The director is Toshinori Fukushima. In July the anime is going to debut.

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