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Fairy Tail Filler List – Fairy Tail Anime Filler Guide

fairy tail filler

Looking for Fairy Tail Filler List? You’ve come to the right place. Alternatively a guide that is clear of fillers so that you can watch the anime without spending your time on ineffective fillers?

We’ve compiled an amazing Fairy Tail filler list guide just for you, and it’s right here.

If you ignore some of the series’ flaws, Fairy Tail is one of the most popular adventure anime series ever produced. This series, which aired from 2009 to 2019, lasted nearly a decade and consisted of a total of 328 episodes.

And while fairy Tail only has 19% filler episodes, we all know that occasionally these filler episodes detract from the enthusiasm for the anime or an arc, which I realize may be annoying at times, but this fairy tail filler list can help you out.

Fairy Tail Filler List
 : A Filler-Free Guide is Here for You!

Lets check out Fairy Tail Filler List without wasting your time.

Filler Episodes

9, 19, 49-50, 69-75, 125-150, 202-226, 268

Mixed Canon/Filler Episodes

20, 151, 201, 255, 260, 270, 312


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10 Best Fairy Tail Anime Filler Episodes That Are Worth Your Time

Even if you’re here for the fairy tail filler list guide, I want to tell you about some of the finest filler episodes that are worth your time and that you may watch after finishing the anime.

1. Natsu Eats a Village (Episode 9)

While returning home, the crew comes across a desolate town where there are loads of delicious foodstuffs laying about.

However, Erza has a strong hunch about something being amiss. Meanwhile, the guys are devouring an entire forest full with strange fungi.

2. Changeling (Episode 19)

As Natsu reads a spell that changes the brains and magic of everyone nearby, everyone else is absent-mindedly reading the book they were just holding.

And thus, the crew of Fairy Tail will remain pitiful forever, unless they find a way to reverse the enchantment.

3. The Day of the Fateful Encounter (Episode 49)

fairy tail fillers

All the festivities from the Harvest Festival have come to an end, and life in the guild has returned to normal. In Fairy Tail, everyone makes a great deal over a news reporter who is coming to town for a special assignment.

In the same breath, Cana informs Lucy that she possesses riches. My cards predict that today will be a significant day for you.

When two young guys, the reporter for the magazine and a novelist, appear before her, does Lucy’s love life get a kick-start? Who will Lucy be linked to?

4. Special Request: Watch Out for the Guy You Like! (Episode 50)

fairy tail fillers

The bizarre occurrences at Fairy Tail seem to be becoming more weirder. Called “The First Time,” this TV Special tells the story of Natsu’s first meeting with Lucy, when he fell in love with her, and her heart was racing the whole time.

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In this situation, Juvia uses a prohibited magic elixir that she stole from the guild in order to fulfill her unrequited love for Gray, a man she could never have.

Could this potion doom Fairy Tail? You hear a lot about love these days, but no one seems to be concerned about how it will all end.

5. Wendy’s First Job (74)

fairy tail fillers

In the course of her work at Fairy Tail, Wendy has become used to taking on larger responsibilities in order to be of greater assistance to everyone. However, she gets into a disagreement with Carla about this decision.

6. Key of the Starry Sky Arc (Episode 125)

fairy tail fillers

As part of their efforts to recover Lucy’s stolen key, several members of Fairy Tail travel to the ancient Heartfilia house in order to investigate whether there are any clues regarding the relic’s past there.

The search is successful, but it is cut short by the appearance of unexpected members of the Legion Corps.

7. Welcome Back Frosch (202)

fairy tail fillers


There will be only one episode of Frosch in this series. When Rogue’s loving little companion becomes separated from the group in town, Rogue, Sting, and Yukino track him down and leave him to return to the Sabertooth guild hall on his own.

As Frosch continues to meet up with other guild members, he comes into a bunch of larcenous frog traffickers, which leads to further misadventures.


8. 413 Days (220)

fairy tail fillers

Gray and Juvia have been together for 413 days, and it is now time to commemorate their “anniversary.” However, when Erza urges her to purchase Gray a present, the situation becomes complicated.

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Juvia makes numerous attempts to come up with a suitable present, but will she be able to gratify Gray on this day that holds a special significance for him in the end?


9. The Thunder Man (225)

The 225th episode of the Fairy Tail anime is titled The Thunder Man, while the 50th episode of the current season is titled The Thunder People.

Fairy Tail is contacted, requesting that Laxus deal with lightning that constantly rains down on a certain village.

At long last, Laxus identifies the source of the problem, breaking apart the collected lightning.


10. Treasure Hunt (Episode 268)

fairy tail fillers

The 269th episode of the Fairy tail Anime and the 94th episode in the series 2014 is Fairy Tail Zero: Dances with Blades.

When the group lands at the harbor town of Hargeon, Precht decides to go out with Mavis for a day of mishap in order to seek insights on the Blue Skull.


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