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Top 10 Characters From Seven Deadly Sins

Many of the main characters in The Seven Deadly Sins are complete ladies’ men. How do they rate in terms of likeability?
The Seven Deadly Sins is a fantasy action anime with a large cast of colorful characters, most notably the Seven Deadly Sins themselves. They’re a motley crew with one objective in mind: to guard the noble Liones Kingdom and its people from all perils and evil, such as the Ten Commandments or demonic hordes. These seven holy warriors are easy to like and remember.

After few seasons of the anime, it’s easy to determine who the most likable characters in The Seven Deadly Sins are based on their sheer charisma, personality, hilarious character quirks, and honorable deeds, among other things. How would the 10 most likable characters rank in terms of how easy they are to like?

Seven Deadly Sins Characters

10 Gowther, The Sin of Lust

Gowther seven deadly sins

Gowther, the sin of lust is a manufactured being. He is an androgynous puppet produced by the original Gowther, a blond demon, and this doll-like gentleman strives to better understand and feel human emotions. He is lustful for love, fear, anger, joy, and sadness rather than for flesh.
Gowther is a bit of a charmer, frequently appearing in odd clothing and being a good sport by working as a barmaid at the Boar Hat tavern. For dramatic entrances, he also likes to strike stances and generate a “dong!” sound effect. At times, however, he may be unpleasant and icy. After all, he is a fabricated being.

9. King, The Sin of Sloth

King seven deadly sins

In the early episodes of the series, the fairy king was tough to like because he preferred to laze around or torment Ban. But this mischievous fairy king has a wonderful heart, and it is still grieving. He lost his beloved sister Elaine, and he is doubtful about his capacity to manage the fairy people.

As time passes, King gains confidence and dazzles audiences with his plant-based and weapon-based magical skills. King also fell in love with his fellow holy knight Diane, a cute crush that endeared him to followers. King is suddenly easy to like and root for.

8. Escanor, The Sin of Pride

Escanor seven deadly sins

Escanor is the most brawny of the Seven Deadly Sins, famous for wielding his enormous battle-ax, Rhitta, to terrible effect. Nobody else is capable of lifting it, let alone swinging it around in battle. No mortal being is stronger than Escanor, and he is rather proud of it.

Escanor has a split personality. He is the valiant lion’s sin of pride during the day, but at night, he is a skinny and humble person who likes to serve drinks while nursing a lovely crush on Merlin, making him much more likable. Escanor is a lot of fun whether the sun is up or not because of its Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde duality.

7. Meliodas, The Sin of Wrath

Meliodas seven deadly sins

Meliodas, the protagonist, is given a lot of screen time, which allows viewers to see his noble and caring side throughout the plot. Meliodas is completely dedicated to his eternal beloved, Elizabeth Liones, and would willingly ruin the entire world for her.

As a result, he is a mixed bag. Meliodas is a good leader who is loyal, brave, and witty, yet he is notorious for his pervy side (feeling up Elizabeth in inappropriate ways). He is indeed enraged at his companions, including the talking pig Hawk. He needs to sand away some rough edges.

6. King Arthur Pendragon of Camelot

king Arthur seven deadly sins

The real-life legend of King Arthur frequently appears in anime, such as the extremely popular Saber character, Arthur Boyle the fire soldier, and, of course, King Arthur Pendragon of The Seven Deadly Sins. This young king, like his real-life model, is selfless, fearless, and willing to lay down his life for the people of Camelot.

As a fellow swordsman, King Arthur looks up to Meliodas, and the young king prays that he would have the fortitude and resolve to face the Ten Commandments and restore peace and justice to the country. Few personalities are as pure and noble as King Arthur, and this lends to his popularity.

5. Merlin, The Sin of Gluttony

Merlin seven deadly sins

Merlin, Meliodas’ eccentric yet clever wizard ally, is much older than she appears. In fact, both God and the demon king were fascinated by her powers and attempted to gain her favor. Though Merlin is devoted to the Seven Deadly Sins, she does her best to follow Meliodas’ direction.

Merlin is a magical scientist to the end, her mind ever hungry for new, experimental data and theories. Merlin is intense and devoted to her work, which is laudable (and occasionally amusing), but she is far from the warmest or most empathic member of the cast.

4. Ban, The Sin of Greed

Ban seven deadly sins

Ban, the fox sin of greed, is another of the Seven Deadly Sins who is one of the show’s most appealing characters. He comes from a terrible and sympathetic past, having grown up as a destitute street urchin with few friends or allies. He did, however, have a were-fox as a father figure.

All of this adds to Ban’s appeal and sympathy, and he also has a “charming rogue” demeanor that makes him much easier to root for and enjoy throughout the plot. Ban is a little whimsy and hedonistic, and while he’s also a little greedy, he has a strong sense of honor and fairness.

3. Diane, The Sin of Envy

Diane seven deadly sins

Diane is not your average saintly knight. She is a colossus from the faraway land of Megadozer. While most giants are opposed to human kingdoms, Diane is devoted to Meliodas and, by extension, the Liones Kingdom. Diane has a big heart to match her earth-shattering abilities, but she’s no pushover. Diane strikes a good balance between her harsh and kind sides.

Diane used to question her position in the world as a giant who disliked fighting, but she has accepted her abilities and is willing to lay down her life for justice. She also had a charming crush on Meliodas till she subsequently returned King’s romantic sentiments and married him. Diane did, after all, get her happy ending.

2. Elaine, The Fountain Guardian

Elaine seven deadly sins

Elaine is the fairy princess and King’s sister. She was also tasked with guarding the Fountain of Youth for an amazing 700 years while King was away. Elaine tried to keep Ban away from the fountain, but when a demon attacked, she joined forces with him and lent him the fountain’s water.

This occurred at the expense of Elaine’s life, and her selfless sacrifice made an indelible effect on both Ban and the audience. Elaine subsequently returned after the heroes discovered her in the Necropolis, and she and King were eventually reconciled. Since then, Elaine has been a compassionate, loving, and steadfast ally of the Sins.

1. Elizabeth Liones, The Fallen Angel

Elizabeth seven deadly sins

Elizabeth Liones is more than she appears. Elizabeth was a wayward princess at first, challenging the kingdom’s depiction of the Sins as rogue criminals. Elizabeth became a close friend and ally of the Sins, and her soft and compassionate attitude complemented Meliodas and Ban.

But it isn’t all. Elizabeth was an angel until she was killed for her betraying love for Meliodas the demon, and she has since died and been reincarnated as a mortal countless times. Now that her memories and powers have returned, this soft-spoken princess-angel is prepared to fight to the death to defeat evil.

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