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Fire Force
Fire Force

Fire Force Manga

Fire Force is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Atsushi Ōkubo . The manga is published in Weekly Shonen Jump, a famous shōnen manga magazine. The series was first serialized on February 21, 2015 by Shueisha. It has been collected into eight tankōbon chapters as of March 2017.

Fire Force is about two teams of people who fight against countless monsters called “Infernals”. The title is a play on words, with the first kanji of “Ri” meaning both “fire” and “people”, matching the Japanese name for Infernals — 煉獄の使者 (Ren-goku no shisha) .

The Fire Force agents wield special weapons which shoot out flames. They can also manipulate their own bodies heat to create flame-based attacks. This ability is used to defeat the Infernals, which present a unique difficulty in that if a human touches them, they will instantly be turned into roasted meat. The only way to kill an Infernal is either by completely incinerating it with high temperatures or through specialized weaponry that can kill them without human contact.

Fire Force is a group of people who are attempting to resolve the unexplained deaths that have been happening. The Fire Force members themselves have enhanced abilities that help aid in their missions against the Infernals and there enemy, the Bouka Corps.

The protagonist and leader of Fire Force, Ibara Naruse, is a cool-headed and skilled fighter. He’s also an expert in pyromancy, the ability to produce fire from one’s own body heat.

The squad leader of Fire Force where he does many missions with Ibara Naruse and Yūma Kuga. His enhanced abilities allow him to transform his arms into living fire. He carries a deep grudge against the Infernals in honor of his family and has no problem killing them with ease.

A member of Fire Force and Ibara Naruse’s friend as well as rival. His body constantly emits flames making it easy for him to incinerate his enemies without touching them. However, this power is useless against the Bouka Corps since their bodies are nothing but flames.

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Fire Force Anime

Fire Force (炎炎ノ消防隊, En En no Shōbōtai) is an anime produced by david production for the Spring 2018 Anime season. Directed by Goro Taniguchi and written by Makoto Uezu, it is a part of the famous “Jump anime” . The series premiered on April 5, 2018 as part of the Spring 2018 Anime lineup and ran for 12 episodes.

The opening theme’s titled “Take me down” by TK from Ling tosite sigure while the ending theme is titled “Sakebe” by SCREEN mode.

The story follows a young man named Ibara Naruse who leads a team of firefighters that fight against an enemy known as “Infernals”, mysterious creatures made out of flame whose bodies can disappear into flames. Ibara is also a pyromancer who can manipulate fire and daggers that appear out of nowhere.

The anime series was announced on October 28, 2017 in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine with the premise of it being “a boy sets ablaze the sky” . The announcement revealed the show’s synopsis and the cast as well as the staff who will be working on the anime. The anime was announced to be produced by david Production and directed by Goro Taniguchi, written by Makoto Uezu.

The series had a lot of hype leading up to it as Weekly Shonen Jump magazine has stated that “This is a showdown with an enemy different from any other that has appeared in Jump!” and has also made it known that the anime will have different kind of enemies than any other. It’s also mentioned that the manga was so successful, its sales ranking were much higher than One Piece or Gintama.

The series premiered on April 5, 2018 as part of the Spring 2018 line up for the anime. It aired on Sundays at 5:30 to 6:00 . The series lasted for 12 episodes and ended on June 25, 2018.

On July 13, 2018 a special was announced by the official Twitter account of the show, which will be a one-hour long episode that tells what happened after the first season’s finale. It is titled “Fire Force: Another Mission (炎炎ノ消防隊 Another Mission, En En no Shōbōtai another mission) and will air on September 2, 2018.

The main characters are Ibara Naruse , the Fire Force leader who is a pyromancer with control over fire and Yūma Kuga , a member of Fire Force who is able to turn his arms into flames. The main villain in the series are the “Infernals”, beings made of fire that have been destroying villages for reasons unknown and killing hundreds of people at once.

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The famous manga has sold over 4,000,000 copies and has been collected into 18 volumes. It’s been praised as the best shonen manga from Weekly Shonen Jump in recent years and is said to be one of the most emotional mangas ever made. It was ranked by Oricon as No.4 in its book guide for 2017 . The series also won the 41st annual Shogakukan Manga award in the Boys’ category.

Another title for this show is Fire Force: The One Who Erases Flame (炎炎ノ消防隊-Feuerwehrversprechen). Here’s a spoiler included for those who don’t know what that means, it comes from a german poem about a knight who gives his word to never fight unless it’s a matter of life or death. The full name roughly translates into “The Fire Fighting Corps that Erases Flame” and comes from the manga itself in episode 11, when Ibara is trying to retrieve an explosive bomb .

Fire Force Characters

Shinra Kusakabe (Shinra Fire Force)

Shinra Fire Force
Shinra Fire Force

Shinra has always been a tough one. He never felt scared of anything, not even when he was thrown into the Fire Force with barely any training on how to use his power. Sure it took some time for him to get used to being an ablaze but now that he’s mastered control over this ability, there isn’t much in Shinra can’t do!

Athur Boyle (Arthur Fire Force)

Arthur Fire Force
Arthur Fire Force

Arthur is a part of the Special Fire Force Company 8. Alongside his impressive combat attributes, Arthur’s greatest asset by far is that he can control plasma and light things on fire with it. His skills are such that they allowed him to make an Oversized Plasma Sword called Excalibur as well.

Akitaru Obi (Akitaru Fire Force)

Akitaru Fire Force
Akitaru Fire Force

The captain of Company 8, Akitaru is a strong character as you’d expect. Alongside his powerful strength, Akitaru has skill with multiple types of weapons to be used in different situations. With his knowledge on weaponry hasn’t come just the high fight IQ that makes him difficult to battle against but also an acute sense for when he needs each weapon and where it will do most good during combat scenarios.

Iris (Iris Fire Force)

Iris Fire Force
Iris Fire Force

A girl with a radiant personality and peaceful demeanor. Iris is the type of person who would make friends anywhere, even in Hades’ domain where her function as an Infernal handler has given her some skills to use against them; namely prayers that bless all those she encounters if they are trying to leave this world before their time, plus pyrokinetic abilities such as floating balls of fire or creating protective flames for herself and allies.

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Maki Oze (Maki Fire Force)

Maki Fire Force
Maki Fire Force

Maki Oze is a fire soldier and fellow member of Company 8. This second-generation Fire Force fighter has the ability to cast and control flames from afar with one hand, using her weapon Iron Owls that can send out spirits for both aggressive combat maneuvers as well as defensive ones.

Takehisa Hinawa (Takehisa Fire Force)

Takehisa Fire Force
Takehisa Fire Force

Hinawa’s flames are the most unique out of all those in his show, as they’re manipulated through firearms. With a submachine gun or pistol he can rain down offense on foes while changing speed and trajectory with other abilities for more support.

Tamaki Kotatsu (Tamaki Fire Force)

Tamaki Fire Force
Tamaki Fire Force

Tamaki, a former member of Special Fire Force Company 1 and current member of Company 8 due to disciplinary action, has the ability to prokinetize her body with flames. Her ignition ability will allow for an increased mobility when used in conjunction with fire-type offense or immunity from flame damage. Tamaki is also known as “The Cat Girl” because she can be seen donning her coat made out of fiery fur that sparkles like jewels

Hibana (Hibana Fire Force)

Hibana Fire Force
Hibana Fire Force

You might be surprised to find out that Captain of the Special Fire Force Company 5, Hibana is quite powerful. With her pyrokinetic abilities manifesting themselves as flower-shaped flames at a range to inflict substantial damage and also being able to manipulate temperatures which can nullify some other ignition abilities; it’s no wonder why she would make for such an interesting character in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege game!

Sho Kusakabe (Sho Fire Force)

Sho Fire Force
Sho Fire Force

Sho, the fiery-haired and hot tempered commander of Ashen Knights is one to be reckoned with. He shares many similarities with his brother Shinra Kusakabe: he can unleash powerful blows that not only take out Arthur but Hibana as well (in a single blow).

Joker (Joker Fire Force)

Joker Fire Force
Joker Fire Force

Joker is one of the main villains in Fire Force, a show about an elite group that uses their fire-fighting abilities to stop crime. Joker not only has pyrokinesis, but he also knows martial arts and can control his flames as weapons against enemies for major damage with deflecting techniques.

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Fire Force Episodes

Fire Force Season 1 (2019)

No.TitleOriginal air dateEnglish air date
1“Shinra Kusakabe Enlists”July 6, 201928-Jul-19
Transcription: “Shinra Kusakabe, Nyūtai” (Japanese: 森羅 日下部、入隊)
2“The Heart of a Fire Soldier”July 13, 20194-Aug-19
Transcription: “Shōbōkan no Kokoro” (Japanese: 消防官の心)
3“The Rookie Fire Soldier Games”July 27, 201911-Aug-19
Transcription: “Shōbōkan Shinjin Taikai” (Japanese: 消防官新人大会)
4“The Hero and the Princess”August 3, 201918-Aug-19
Transcription: “Hīrō to Hime” (Japanese: ヒーローと姫)
5“The Battle Begins”August 10, 201925-Aug-19
Transcription: “Kaisen” (Japanese: 開戦)
6“The Spark of Promise”August 17, 20191-Sep-19
Transcription: “Yakusoku no Hibana” (Japanese: 約束の火華)
7“The Investigation of the 1st Commences”August 24, 20198-Sep-19
Transcription: “Dai Ichi Chōsa Kaishi” (Japanese: 第1調査開始)
8“Infernal Insects”August 31, 201915-Sep-19
Transcription: “Homura no Mushi” (Japanese: 焰の蟲)
9“The Spreading Malice”September 7, 201922-Sep-19
Transcription: “Moehirogaru Akui” (Japanese: 燃え拡がる悪意)
10“The Promise”September 14, 20196-Oct-19
Transcription: “Yakusoku” (Japanese: 約束)
11“Formation of Special Fire Force Company 8”September 21, 201913-Oct-19
Transcription: “Dai Hachi Tokushu Shōbōtai Kessei” (Japanese: 第8特殊消防隊結成)
“The Strongest Hikeshi”
Transcription: “Saikyō no Hikeshi” (Japanese: 最強の火消し)
12“Eve of Hostilities in Asakusa”October 12, 201920-Oct-19
Transcription: “Asakusa Kaisen Zenya” (Japanese: 浅草開戦前夜)
13“The Trap Is Set”October 19, 201927-Oct-19
Transcription: “Shikumareta Wana” (Japanese: 仕組まれた罠)
14“For Whom The Flame Burns”October 26, 20193-Nov-19
Transcription: “Da ga Tame no Honō” (Japanese: 誰が為の炎)
15“The Blacksmith’s Dream”November 2, 201910-Nov-19
Transcription: “Kajiya no Yume” (Japanese: 鍛冶屋の夢)
16“We Are Family”November 9, 201917-Nov-19
Transcription: “Ore-tachi wa Kazoku” (Japanese: 俺たちは家族)
17“Black and White and Gray”November 16, 201924-Nov-19
Transcription: “Kuro to Shiro to Haiiro” (Japanese: 黒と白と灰色)
18“The Secrets of Pyrokinesis”November 23, 20198-Dec-19
Transcription: “Hakka no Gokui” (Japanese: 発火の極意)
19“Into the Nether”November 30, 201915-Dec-19
Transcription: “Nezā he no” (Japanese: 地下への)
20“Wearing His Pride”December 7, 20195-Jan-20
Transcription: “Hokori wo Matotte” (Japanese: 誇りを纏って)
21“Those Connected”December 14, 201912-Jan-20
Transcription: “Tisunagaru Mono” (Japanese: 繋がる者)
22“A Brother’s Determination”December 21, 201919-Jan-20
Transcription: “Ani no Iji” (Japanese: 兄の意地)
23“Smiles”December 28, 201926-Jan-20
Transcription: “Egao” (Japanese: 笑顔)
24“The Burning Past”December 28, 20192-Feb-20
Transcription: “Moyuru Kako” (Japanese: 燃ゆる過去)

 Fire Force Season 2 (2020)

No.No. inTitleOriginal air dateEnglish air date
251“A Fire Soldier’s Fight”July 4, 20208-Nov-20
Transcription: “Shōbōkan no Tatakai” (Japanese: 消防官の戦い)
“A Man’s Fight”
Transcription: “Otoko no Tatakai” (Japanese: 男の戦い)
262“Flames of Madness”July 11, 202015-Nov-20
Transcription: “Kyōki no Honō” (Japanese: 狂気の炎)
273“A New Flashpoint”July 18, 202022-Nov-20
Transcription: “Aratana Hidane” (Japanese: 新たな火種)
284“Groping Through the Fire”July 25, 20206-Dec-20
Transcription: “Kachū Mosaku” (Japanese: 火中模索)
295“Corna (Sign of the Devil)”August 1, 202013-Dec-20
Transcription: “Koruna” (Japanese: 悪魔の型)
“A Secret Plan”
Transcription: “Hisaku” (Japanese: 秘策)
306“The Time to Choose”August 8, 20203-Jan-21
Transcription: “Sentaku no Toki” (Japanese: 選択の時)
317“Road to the Oasis”August 15, 202010-Jan-21
Transcription: “Oashisu e no Michi” (Japanese: 楽園への道)
328“Smoldering Malevolence”August 22, 202017-Jan-21
Transcription: “Moe Hisomu Akui” (Japanese: 燃え潜む悪意)
339“The Core”August 29, 202024-Jan-21
Transcription: “Kakushin” (Japanese: 核心)
3410“The Woman in Black”September 5, 202031-Jan-21
Transcription: “Kuro no On’na” (Japanese: 黒の女)
3511“Dark Hero”September 12, 20207-Feb-21
Transcription: “Dāku Hīrō” (Japanese: ダークヒーロー)
3612“Shadows Cast by Divine Light”September 19, 202014-Feb-21
Transcription: “Shinkō ga Umu Kage” (Japanese: 神光が生む影)
3713“A Pair of One-Eyes”September 26, 202021-Feb-21
Transcription: “Tsui no Sekigan” (Japanese: 対の隻眼)
3814“The Ashen Reaper”October 3, 202028-Feb-21
Transcription: “Hai no Shinigami” (Japanese: 灰の死神)
3915“A Three-Way Melee”October 10, 20207-Mar-21
Transcription: “Sanshoku Konsen” (Japanese: 三色混戦)
4016“Mind Blown”October 17, 202014-Mar-21
Transcription: “Bakuhatsu Suru Kokoro” (Japanese: 爆発する心)
4117“Boys, Be Weak”October 24, 202021-Mar-21
Transcription: “Shōnen’yo, Yowaku Are” (Japanese: 少年よ、弱くあれ)
4218“The Holy Woman’s Anguish”October 31, 202028-Mar-21
Transcription: “Seijo no Kunō” (Japanese: 聖女の苦悩)
“The Man, Assault”
Transcription: “Otoko, Asaruto” (Japanese: 男、突撃)
4319“The Oze Family”November 7, 20204-Apr-21
Transcription: “Oze Ichimon” (Japanese: 尾瀬一門)
4420“Weapon of Destruction”November 14, 202011-Apr-21
Transcription: “Hakai Heiki” (Japanese: 破壊兵器)
4521“Enemy Contact”November 21, 202018-Apr-21
Transcription: “Setteki” (Japanese: 接敵)
4622“Plot for Extinction”November 28, 202025-Apr-21
Transcription: “Metsubō no Takurami” (Japanese: 滅亡の企み)
4723“Firecat”December 5, 20202-May-21
Transcription: “Enbyō” (Japanese: 炎猫)
4824“Signs of Upheaval”December 12, 20209-May-21
Transcription: “Gekidō no Kizashi” (Japanese: 激動の兆し)

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