Osamu Tezukas Black Jack Manga Inspires Isekai Black Jack Manga

On Wednesday, a new Isekai Black Jack manga from Yoshihisa Tokimaru began serialization of the eighth issue of Tezucomi Osamu Tezuka’s Tribute magazine Micro Magazine Publishing Company. The manga is inspired by the Black Jack Manga by Tezuka and moved the environment into a different world in which Black Jack must fight.

The original manga of Tezuka’s Black Jack focuses on a bright doc. maverick,who practices and learn things without a licence. In the weekly Akita Shoten Shōnen Champion magazine, Tezuka published the manga from 1973 to 1984.
Since then, the manga has motivated many animation adaptations and other creators ‘ spinoffs.
The Osamu Tezuka official website summarizes the manga:

This medical drama’s story evolves around an unauthorized but God gifted surgeon, Black Jack. Blessed with an amazing surgeon skills, Black Jack saves seriously ill and deathly patients always miraculously. But for his surgery he always try to claims an extremely high price, that’s why in medical sphere his presence is rejected.

Black Jack lives silently in a clinic in the deserted wild with his loyal assistant, Pinoko, He had saved his life.Patients who are abandoned by other doctors to come every single day to see them, he represents their ultimate hope.

The magazine Tezucomi celebrates its 90th anniversary since the birth of the first famous manga creator Osamu Tezuka in 1928. Last October the magazine was launched and will run on 18 issues every month.

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