One Piece Prosthetics Lead Teases Chopper’s Live-Action Design in Season 2
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One Piece Prosthetics Lead Teases Chopper’s Live-Action Design in Season 2

Excitement Builds for Tony Tony Chopper’s Debut in One Piece Season 2

Jaco Snyman, renowned for his role as the lead prosthetics and creature designer on Netflix’s One Piece, is thrilled about the prospect of bringing Tony Tony Chopper to life in the show’s second season.

Following Eiichiro Oda’s announcement last week about the continuation of the live-action One Piece series, fans were excitedly given hints about the introduction of Tony Tony Chopper, the Straw Hats crew’s beloved doctor, in the upcoming season.

This news has sparked widespread speculation among fans regarding how Chopper, a reindeer-human hybrid due to his accidental consumption of the Human-Human fruit in the manga and anime, will be portrayed in the live-action version. Discussions are ongoing about whether Chopper will be represented through full CGI or an actor in prosthetic makeup.

In a recent discussion with GameSpot, Snyman shared his anticipation for creating Chopper’s character. He hinted that the team might opt for a similar method to that used for the fish-men characters in Season 1. “Adapting Tony Tony Chopper will definitely be interesting,” Snyman commented. “We’re hoping to utilize a similar technique as we did with Arlong.”

Originally introduced in the Drum Island arc of the manga and anime as Dr. Kureha’s medical assistant, Chopper is the sixth member to join Luffy’s crew. His Devil Fruit powers not only allow him to shift forms but also restrict him from swimming, similar to other Devil Fruit users.

Jamie Lee Curtis Eager to Portray Dr. Kureha

Prior to the official renewal announcement for Season 2, fans of One Piece began a campaign for Oscar-winning actress Jamie Lee Curtis to be cast as Dr. Kureha. Curtis, a self-proclaimed fan of the anime and particularly fond of Chopper, expressed her willingness to pursue the role of Kureha after the resolution of the SAG-AFTRA strike, confirming her intentions through a recent Instagram update.

In earlier conversations, One Piece producers Becky Clements and Marty Adelstein revealed that the scripts for Season 2 were finalized before the WGA strike. If the series continues to mirror the manga and anime, the next chapter will likely start with the Straw Hats’ adventure in Loguetown, featuring Captain Smoker, as teased in the first season’s mid-credits scene. From there, the crew will venture into the dangerous waters of the Grand Line, encountering a variety of new allies and adversaries.

One Piece Season 1 is currently available for streaming on Netflix.

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