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One Piece Chapter 1044 – Summary and Fan’s reaction

One Piece Chapter 1044: In this chapter, Luffy also began his assault on Kaido, and it also showed the beginnings of the fight between Orochi and Hiyori. The chapter came to a close with Luffy attacking Kaido. This particular version of Luffy is a user of the Awakened Zoan Fruit and possesses the ability to manipulate the world around him. By employing his imagination and free will. This lends credence to his extremely unrabbitlike traits, which had previously left fans perplexed.

When Luffy finally comes, the Five Elders are there to explain to him what the Devil Fruit is all about. In the meantime, Hiyori discusses her history with Orochi and reveals who she is, all while a Kazenbo that is significantly less powerful attacks Orochi. After that, Luffy continues to fight Kaidou while utilizing his new Gear 5 form.

One Piece Chapter 1044’s Summary

one piece chapter 1044

Luffy’s heart is pounding like a drum, and he has no idea how he is able to stand after losing to Kaidou. Or why he is having such a good time. Now Momonosuke has relayed to Yamato the news that Zunesha gave him: Luffy is Happy Boy.

Upon hearing Luffy’s heartbeat, Sanji awakens in the Pleasure Hall’s right brain tower and shouts out his name. Luffy’s heartbeat can be heard throughout the palace, and many people. Including Nami and Tama, have been moved to tears by the news that he is still alive.

Meanwhile, in the Holy Land of Mary Geoise, the Five Elders debate whether or not they made the correct decision by sacrificing one of their greatest agents. Given that it just inflamed Kaidou, but ultimately determine that it is best to put an end to something so “difficult.”

The Gomu Gomu no Mi has evaded the elders’ grasp for the entire 800 years. That have passed since the World Government was established, as if it possessed a consciousness of its own. Then they say it: “Gomu Gomu no Mi” is really “Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika,” a Legendary Zoan Demon Fruit! They say that whoever consumes the Devil Fruit becomes the personification of “the Warrior of Liberation,”.

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With the capabilities of rubber in warfare only limited by the user’s imagination and the ability to spread joy to people everywhere. Yet, it is stated that once the Devil Fruit is awakened, the rubbery creature’s body becomes enormously stronger and the creature has godlike levels of freedom.

As he begs Hiyori to save him in the Treasure Repository, Orochi insists that he has always respected Oden. And that he has been nothing more than Kaidou’s puppet. However, Hiyori points out that he and Kaidou duped Oden into acting like a fool for five years on the empty promise of leaving, and that Oden expected them to honor their word and spare him during his execution.

She remembered how, despite his assurance that he was fine with what people thought of him because of his family. she felt he was suffering under the weight of saving Wano from him the entire time.

Even though Orochi tries to win Hiyori over by promising to honor Oden’s legacy, Hiyori takes off her disguise and tells him to shut up; she then calls out her name with pride and tears in her eyes. She stands before a shocked Orochi and says she has always been pleased to carry her father’s name, before going on to call him an “honorless wretch” who killed people every day when he was the shogun.

As Kanjuro’s Kazenbo reappears, still diminished, Orochi begs him to spare his life. While Hiyori watches, Orochi orders Kazenbo to kill her, but the frail painting accidentally touches him, setting him on fire. On the rooftop, Luffy boasts that his new “Gear 5” form allows him to continue fighting for longer.

A massive blast of Haoshoku Haki is released from Luffy’s new form, knocking out several Beasts Pirates. Then, Luffy’s hand grows to grab Kaidou’s entire dragon form, and he is dragged back to the rooftop. Next, he encircles his entire person, throws him around, and slams him repeatedly onto the floor.

After a while, Kaidou comes to, at which point he shoots Bolo Breath at Luffy while admitting he’s relieved Luffy is still alive. But Luffy grips the ground, turns it rubber, and redirects the fire back at the attacker. Kaidou, who had been injured by his own attack, recovers in time to apologise to Luffy for CP0’s interference in the fight; Luffy accepts the apologies but still plans to defeat him.

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Fan’s Reaction

As soon as One Piece fans found out about the show’s massive viewership, the comments section erupted in jubilation. Others have expressed their satisfaction with the chapter, while others have made analogies to the most recent battle that has occurred between the fanbases of Boruto and Naruto.

Final Thoughts

After being knocked out by Kaido in the previous chapter, One Piece Chapter 1043 came to a close with something unusual happening with Luffy’s body. In addition, the arrival of Zunesha in Wano and his subsequent encounter with Momo were covered in this chapter. I hope you liked reading our article. If so, let us know in the comment section.

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