35 Must-Read Boy's Love Manhwa For BL Fans

Must-Read Boy’s Love Manhwa For BL Fans – Best BL Manhwa

The realm of mainstream media has often overlooked LGBTQ+ themes, yet the rise of BL (Boys Love) fiction has marked a significant shift in this trend. This genre, spanning from manga and anime to Korean dramas and webtoons, has rapidly gained traction, becoming a highly sought-after form of entertainment in recent years.

BL manhwa, known for its diverse genres and artistic styles, offers a range of captivating narratives. Whether it’s heartwarming romantic comedies, poignant coming-of-age tales, or thrilling escapades, there’s a BL manhwa out there for every webtoon enthusiast in search of their next beloved read.

The Boys Love genre has carved out a prominent niche in the manhwa landscape, celebrated for its adaptability. From enchanting fantasy tales to sizzling collections, the world of yaoi manhwa caters to a broad audience. This compilation is regularly updated with fresh BL recommendations.

Love Is An Illusion

Hyesung and Dojin from Love Is An Illusion standing next to each other

Crafted by renowned artist Fargo, “Love Is An Illusion” delves into the complex romantic entanglement between Hyesung, a materialistic and obstinate character, and Dojin, a wealthy heir with a passion for music. Set in an Omegaverse world, the narrative explores the dominant influence of secondary sexual characteristics on the characters’ lives.

Notable for its exquisite monochromatic artwork, humorous character portrayal, and intensely passionate scenes, “Love Is An Illusion” originally spanned forty-three chapters. Additionally, the creator has expanded the universe with a range of side stories and a spin-off featuring other beloved characters.

Out Of Control

Yuri and Jaerim embrace in Out of Control

Authored by Bbong, “Out of Control” narrates an extraordinary romance between Yuri, the epitome of popularity and allure at his school, and Jaerim, a modest student council accountant perceived as unattractive. Their relationship blossoms into a tender romance as they start collaborating.

Despite being somewhat underappreciated, “Out of Control” is a gem in the BL manhwa world, offering one of the most heartwarming love stories. Although the notion that Jaerim is undeserving of Yuri due to his looks is controversial, the series offers much more depth.

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Seto and Kido about to kiss in (BL)ACK

“(BL)ACK,” created by Aho Hanse, is a straightforward gay manhwa chronicling the evolving relationship between Seto and Kido, childhood friends who have long harbored a subtle tension, often expressed through playful banter.

Endearing, humorous, and filled with passionate moments, “(BL)ACK” follows Seto and Kido’s romance through various stages. Now at 144 episodes, the series continues to captivate audiences, making it an excellent recommendation for mature readers seeking more than just a high school romance.

Dark Heaven

Conor and Simon in Dark Heaven Manhwa

Published by Lezhin as a Webtoon Manhwa, “Dark Heaven” centers around Conor, a Korean-American youth grappling with rampant racism and homophobia. Joining a band, he meets Simon, and together they forge their own sanctuary, dubbed “Dark Heaven.” As their affection for each other grows, they face mounting challenges.

“Dark Heaven” stands out as a poignant Boys Love story, delving into heavy subjects like assault and abuse. It’s an ideal pick for fans of intense, angsty romances.

Semantic Error

Semantic Error's Sangwoo and Jaeyoung looking at each other tenderly

Launched in 2018, “Semantic Error” focuses on the evolving dynamics between two university students: Sangwoo, diligent and rigid, and Jaeyoung, his relaxed senior. Initially at odds, their collaboration on a project leads to friendship and, ultimately, romance.

Penned by J. Soori and illustrated by Angy Kim, “Semantic Error” extends over 81 chapters as of August 2023. In 2022, it was adapted into a live-action web drama starring Park Seoham as Jaeyoung and DKZ’s Park Jaechan as Sangwoo, spanning eight episodes.

The New Recruit

The New Employee's Jongchan hugging Seunghyun from behind

“The New Recruit” unveils the romance between Seunghyun, a young gay office worker, and Jongchan, his daunting yet unexpectedly tender boss. This BL manhwa, penned by Moscareto and illustrated by Zec, known for “Lover Boy,” consists of forty episodes and four side stories.

This full-color webtoon skillfully weaves romance with office drama and day-to-day challenges. In 2022, it was adapted into a web drama featuring seven episodes, with Moon Jiyong of “Kiss Goblin” fame as Seunghyun and Kwon Hyuk portraying Jongchan.

From Points of Three

Jisuh, Heejae, and Sunyool embracing in From Points of Three Manhwa

Spanning 56 chapters, “From Points of Three” tells the story of Kim Jisuh, a reserved boy who always carries his camera. Faced with an urgent debt, he ends up collaborating with Heejae, who compensates him for filming his intimate encounters with Sunyool.

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Despite its provocative premise, “From Points of Three” blends steamy elements with heartwarming scenes. Its narrative, focusing on a love triangle, sets it apart from other series, offering a unique blend of sensuality and charm.

A Guy Like You

Go Siwon and Kang Jinha kissing in bed from manhwa A Guy Like You

In “A Guy Like You,” Go Siwon is haunted by dreams of a mysterious man, Kang Jinha, who alludes to a forgotten incident between them. Their bond deepens over time, but Siwon’s eventual recollection of the incident casts doubts on his feelings for Jinha.

This series, tailored for mature readers, transcends mere fan service. It weaves a compelling narrative around Siwon and Jinha’s secrets, while also endearing their relationship to the audience, blending elements of fantasy and romance in a unique way.

Walk On Water

Ed and Glen from Walk On Water holding each other passionately

Initiated in 2014 by writer Jang Mokdan, “Walk On Water” is a novel series about a Korean-American venturing into the adult entertainment industry and developing a relationship with a fellow actor and director. In 2018, it was adapted into a 62-chapter BL manhwa, illustrated by Jaxx.

Also known as WOW, this series delves into the complexities of a controversial industry and the experiences of Asians in America. It’s known for its mature storytelling and beautiful illustrations, offering a distinctive narrative within the genre.

Wolf In The House

Yeo Minsuk posing with a Bexan as a wolf in Wolf in the House

In the captivating BL manhwa “Wolf in the House,” Yeo Minsuk’s life takes an unexpected twist after adopting a Siberian husky named Bexan to escape the cycle of unhealthy relationships. To Minsuk’s surprise, Bexan is no ordinary dog, but a shape-shifter who turns into a striking man at night.

“Wolf in the House” stands out as an intensely romantic and physical BL manhwa, perfect for readers seeking a more grown-up series. Minsuk and Bexan’s relationship offers a steamy and engaging storyline that’s hard to put down.

25 For Your Love

For Your Love's Yohan and Moogyeong gazing at each other and blushing

“25 For Your Love” follows the story of Yohan, a high schooler active in the travel planning club. He decides to assist his senior, Moogyeong, in pursuing a crush, hoping to prevent Moogyeong from facing a fate similar to Yohan’s brother—solitude and heartbreak.

Penned by Park Nodeok, this manhwa is a heartfelt exploration of high school dynamics, unrequited love, and blossoming romance. Serialized between 2017 and 2019, it concluded after eighty-five compelling chapters.

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On Or Off

The main characters of On Or Off, Yiyoung and Daehyung, grinning at each other

A1’s “On Or Off” brings to life the story of ambitious entrepreneur Yiyoung and his efforts to secure funding for his startup. His life changes when he meets Kang Daehyung, a director at SJ Corporation, sparking an unexpected romantic journey.

This manhwa is a delightful mix of office romance, steamy moments, and humor. Its ninety-one chapters offer an engaging narrative, available for readers on TappyToon.


Eungi and Jungwoo hugging in Fools Manhwa

For those seeking a heartwarming romance, “Fools” (and its 2020 remastered edition) is a must-read. It narrates the story of Eungi, an introverted character who finds solace in solitude until he crosses paths with the vibrant freshman Jungwoo.

“Fools” is a delightful Yaoi manhwa filled with cute moments and gentle storytelling, catering especially to readers who prefer less steamy, more endearing narratives.

BJ Alex

BJ Alex's Jiwon holding his BJ mask and smirking at Donggyun

“BJ Alex” is a standout BL manhwa created by Mingwa, chronicling the story of university student Donggyun and his entanglement with his beloved masked “broadcast jockey,” BJ Alex.
Spanning eighty-nine chapters and several side stories over three years, this series is renowned for its captivating art style, charismatic characters, and sensuous scenes, making it a favorite among Lezhin’s offerings.

Let Dai

Dai and Jaeehe leaning against a wall in Let Dai

Set against a dystopian backdrop in Seoul, “Let Dai” explores the complex relationship between Jaehee and gang leader Dai. Their evolving bond is marred by moral complexities and societal challenges.

This series delves deep into themes of betrayal, forbidden love, and societal conflict, showcasing richly drawn characters in a morally ambiguous world. It’s a poignant choice for yaoi enthusiasts.

Hell & High Water

Sloane Brodie and Dexter J. Daley of Hell and High Water manhwa

“Hell & High Water” narrates Dexter J. Daley’s journey from a tarnished reputation to a new role in the Therian-Human Intelligence Recon Defense Squadron (THIRDS), partnering with Sloan Brodie to investigate a series of murders.

This series is an excellent blend of action, comedy, and romance, providing a yaoi narrative that transcends the typical love story framework, making it an intriguing read for manhwa fans.


Sign's Yohan smiling at a flustered Soohwa

“Sign” tells the tale of Soohwa, a financially struggling university student who takes up a job at Café Goyo, infamous for its terrible coffee. Here, he begins learning sign language to communicate with the deaf manager, Yohan.

Crafted by KER, this manhwa offers a delightful mix of romance, drama, and insight into the experiences of the hearing-impaired, akin to a K-Drama narrative style.

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Love Or Hate

Haesoo smoking in Love or Hate Manhwa cover

From the author of “Fools,” Yeong-ha, “Love or Hate” delves into the complex relationship between two former stepbrothers, Haesoo and Joowon. Despite their family ties, their connection deepens as they navigate through a maze of intense emotions.

This manhwa is a deep exploration of complex, often conflicting emotions, framed within a pseudo-incestuous relationship, making it a compelling read for those who appreciate a more intense narrative.

Love Shuttle

Doyun from Love Shuttle with an arm around Taehan

“Love Shuttle” by Aeju takes a unique approach to the Omegaverse genre. This BL series revolves around Doyun, a late-blooming Omega, and his relationship with his Alpha coworker, Taehan.
Breaking stereotypes common in Omegaverse stories, “Love Shuttle” offers readers an original narrative spread across ninety chapters and an additional ten-chapter special focusing on a secondary couple.

Heesu In Class 2

Heesu and Seungwon from Heesu in Class 2 hugging and smiling

Created by Lily Suzu, “Heesu In Class 2” centers on Heesu, a teen renowned for his role as a love counselor at school. He navigates his own romantic interests, including his crush on a best friend and a new intriguing student.

This BL manhwa is known for its non-explicit content, focusing more on character development and growth. It concluded after seventy-nine chapters and is celebrated for its captivating art style and gentle color scheme.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, the world of Boy’s Love manhwa offers a rich tapestry of stories that cater to a wide array of preferences, from the steamy and intense to the sweet and heartwarming. Each series highlighted in this list brings its unique flavor to the genre, providing insights into complex relationships, societal dynamics, and personal growth.

Whether you are drawn to the dramatic and morally complex narratives of “Let Dai” and “Love or Hate,” or prefer the light-hearted charm of “Heesu In Class 2,” there’s something for every BL fan. These manhwas not only entertain but also offer a deeper understanding of diverse experiences and emotions, solidifying their must-read status for anyone looking to explore the depth and breadth of Boy’s Love stories