Makio Kimetsu no Yaiba - Makio Demon Slayer
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Makio Kimetsu no Yaiba – Makio Demon Slayer

Makio Demon SlayerIn Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Makio plays a supporting role. She is a kunoichi and the second wife of Tengen Uzui. Makio, along with Suma and Hinatsuru, wed Tengen Uzui at some time in her life. Her loved ones made the trip to see Kagaya Ubuyashiki so they could join the Demon Slayer Corps and fight alongside her after she abandoned the clan.

Tengen once lectured Makio, Suma, and Hinatsuru on his own worldview, which entails prioritizing one’s own life, the lives of decent human beings, and only then his own ego. While Makio privately questioned this philosophy because it ran against all they had been taught as a kunoichi, Hinatsuru reassured her that it was fine to prioritize her own safety. This article will cover appearance, personality, abilities, and, much more about Makio Demon Slayer.


Makio's appearance - Makio Demon Slayer

Makio is a young woman of average height and build who has a voluptuous form and pale skin, golden brown eyes bordered by eyelashes with significant ones present on both the upper and lower eyelids and thin eyebrows that arch downward, giving her a fierce and independent appearance. She wears her long, black hair in a bun, and her bangs, which are a warm golden brown, frame her face.

Makio wears a red and black striped dress that terminates at the middle of her thigh and exposes her cleavage and is held in place with a black obi, in which she keeps her kunai. Wrapped from her calves to her thighs, the bandages are a drab gray. A pair of red-strapped zri serve as her footwear of choice. During her captivity at Daki’s hands, she sustained numerous wounds.


Makio's personality

The personality of Makio is exactly the same as that of Inosuke Hashibira; it is bold and self-assured. When compared to her other co-wife, Makio’s patience with Suma is far lower. During the struggle between the two ladies in the cave below, Makio can be heard reprimanding Daki for thinking she is better than her with her obi.

When the three spouses meet together later, Makio smacks Suma and calls her an idiot after she makes some improper comments regarding Hinatsuru’s passing. Although on the surface Makio appears to be a tough individual, he shows Tengen a softer side of himself. Following the decisive struggle they fought, she becomes concerned about his wellbeing and clings to him as Nezuko works to restore his vigor.

There is always a gentle soul lurking beneath the tough exterior. After their huge battle, it appeared as though Tengen could perish, and Makio’s softer side was on full display. Makio’s gentle character was further validated by her relief at Nezuko’s successful healing.


Makio's abilities

It should be noted that Makio possesses no superhuman skills of any kind. Makio, on the other hand, possesses some type of shinobi talents due to the fact that she was brought up as a kunoichi. She is able to handle a kunai, as well as make moves and fight much more skillfully than average people are capable of doing.


Makio's synopsis

Entertainment District Arc

When Makio first moves to the neighborhood, she takes a job at the Ogimoto House pretending to be a courtesan. She uses crows to scout the area for intel on the rumored demon, and reports back to Tengen. Daki eventually makes and captures Makio, who is then questioned by her obi about the recipients of her messages. Makio is taken to Daki’s underground bunker and trapped in a sash after she refuses to reveal her goal.

As Inosuke finds the bunker and frees Makio and Suma from the Obi’s grasp, the two women join forces with him to keep the girls from being reabsorbed by the Obi. Makio and Suma are released after finding Tengen in the cavern; they then organize the district-wide evacuation.

Towards the end of the conflict, after Makio and Suma have successfully evacuated the populace, they return to find the aftermath. Makio and her fellow wives rush to help Tengen, but their antidotes don’t work on Gyutaro’s poison.

Nezuko approaches the group, heals Tengen with her talents, and the women celebrate and embrace him, after first being at a loss as to what to do. After the dust settles, Makio and the other wives help Tengen off the battlefield so he may begin his rehabilitation.

Hashira Training Arc

Except from a little scene with Uzui in which they congratulate Tanjiro on his progress in training, Makio and her co-wives don’t make a significant appearance in the remaining episodes of the series.


Makio's relationships

Brief discussion of Makio’s relationships is given below.

Tengen Uzui

Tengen Uzui is Makio’s husband, and Makio has a special place in her heart for him. Despite Makio’s icy demeanor, she had a profound affection for him, which is difficult to fathom given her outward demeanor. This is the reason why she continued to clutch onto Tengen even after Nezuko had cured her; she was extremely worried about him when he suffered a severe injury.


Hinatsuru was Tengen’s fifth and final wife, and Makio was naturally included in the marriage to her as well. Her friendship with Hinatsuru was far more fulfilling than the one she shared with Suma. This was primarily due to the fact that Hinatsuru possessed a disposition that put Makio at ease whenever she was in her presence.


Both Makio and Suma were married to other people at the same time, and their marriage was not exactly a happy one. When Makio finally lost her patience with her antiques, she would resort to violence in order to get rid of them. This happened rather frequently. Yet, because they were living together as co-wives, it was never anticipated that their relationship would be particularly healthy to begin with.

Final Thoughts

The Entertainment District Saga will be covered in the upcoming second season of Demon Slayer. This is as good a time as any to discuss Makio, one of Tengen Uzui’s three wives. Makio, along with the other wives of Tengen Uzui, is a female ninja who played a significant role in the Entertainment District Arc. That’s all from our side. I hope you liked our article.

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