One Piece Chapter 1087 Recap & Spoilers: Battleship Bags
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One Piece Chapter 1087 Recap – Battleship Bag [Spoilers]

In the recent installments of One Piece, a significant turn of events was revealed during a clandestine meeting King Cobra had with the Five Elders. In an unexpected twist, Sabo infiltrates the meeting and overhears their conversation. This is where Sabo, the deputy chief of the Revolutionary Army, uncovers the truth about King Cobra’s ancestor, Nefeltari Lily.

The enigma deepens with the revelation that Nefeltari Lily mysteriously disappeared after refusing to join the Celestial Dragons. Cobra also discloses his lineage, not just as a descendant of Nefeltari Lily but also of Nefeltari D. Lily, indicating that both he and his daughter Vivi are bearers of the Will of D.

Tragically, this discovery leads to King Cobra’s demise. The Five Elders and Imu ensure his silence due to the sensitive information he possesses. The assassination quickly becomes global news, falsely attributed to Sabo. In the wake of this, the Alabasta Kingdom is in turmoil over the loss of their king and princess.

Meanwhile, the other royal families are safely escorted back to their homelands. However, another startling development leaves the readers in shock and sorrow. St. Donquixote Myosgard is captured and publicly executed by St. Figarland Garling, the supreme commander of the Holy Knights, in a demonstration of power before the other Celestial Dragons.

Battleship Bags One Piece

Following a month-long break, One Piece resumes with Chapter 1087. The scene opens in a ship graveyard near G-1, a naval base, where several Marine officers are seen discussing an unusual training tool known as battleship bags. These unique punching bags, in the form of battleships, were famously used by Garp in his youth and his protégé Aokiji.

The stipulation for using these battleship bags is that neither Devil Fruit powers nor Haki are permitted. This rule serves as testament to Garp and Aokiji’s natural strength, honed through rigorous training.

The plot then transitions to Blackbeard’s territory, Fullalead. Here, San Juan Wolf is overpowered and thrown into the water by Garp’s attack, while Vasco Shot seizes the moment to strike at Garp. However, Garp cleverly uses two pirates as shields, instilling fear in the onlookers.

It becomes clear to them that Garp is no ordinary Marine officer, capable of standing against a whole island of pirates without faltering.

Shiryu Stabbing Garp in One Piece

Amidst Garp’s confrontation with Blackbeard’s crew, members of SWORD work diligently to evacuate prisoners and sailors. Once the evacuation is complete, they inform Garp. Garp then orders Koby and others to retreat, but they encounter a formidable obstacle.

Kuzan, a former apprentice of Garp now aligned with Blackbeard, attempts to block their escape. Garp, aware of Kuzan’s strength, advises the younger officers to flee. However, Koby, driven by his inherent kindness, pauses to respond to a cry for help, only to fall into a trap.

Koby’s moment of hesitation allows the invisible Shiryu to strike. Garp reacts swiftly, shielding Koby and taking the blow himself. Despite being wounded, Garp is far from defeated. He retaliates against Shiryu, though the encounter leaves him weakened.

Other pirates swarm in, hoping to claim the bounty on Garp’s head, set at a staggering three billion Berries. Yet, the greatest threat emerges in the form of Kuzan, who sees this as an opportunity to defeat his former mentor.

Before showcasing the intense battle between master and apprentice, a flashback offers insight into Aokiji’s early days under Garp’s tutelage. Initially reluctant, Garp eventually agrees to mentor Kuzan, teaching him the principles of battleship bag training.

Through this rigorous regimen, they exchange life stories, with Garp expressing frustration over his family’s choices, lamenting Dragon’s path as a revolutionary and Luffy’s decision to become a pirate.

Garp saying that Justice will prevail in One Piece

However, Garp’s reminiscence is abruptly cut short by the present reality. Kuzan taunts Garp about raising a powerful adversary, leading Garp to declare Kuzan’s expulsion. The ensuing clash is fierce, with both combatants employing Armament Haki and Supreme King Haki, wreaking havoc in their surroundings.

While Garp contends with Kuzan, Avalo Pizzaro shifts his focus to the others. He taunts them about their bleak survival prospects and demonstrates the formidable power of his Isle-Isle Fruit.

Pizzaro, craving recognition beyond Blackbeard’s shadow, envisions headlines in the next day’s newspapers describing Garp’s doomed attempt to rescue Koby, ultimately falling to the Corrupt King Pizzaro. As he predicts this outcome, Pizzaro summons a massive rock hand, targeting Garp’s battleship, where the civilians and prisoners are harbored.

The threat seems insurmountable, but Garp, unwavering, assures his new apprentice that justice will ultimately triumph. The resolution of this intense standoff remains to be seen in upcoming chapters of One Piece.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Chapter 1087 of One Piece is a masterful blend of intense action and deep narrative progression. Eiichiro Oda continues to excel in weaving complex storylines, seamlessly integrating history with present events, which is evident in the surprising developments surrounding King Cobra and the Alabasta Kingdom.

The chapter not only propels the plot forward but also enriches the lore of the series, particularly through the exploration of the Will of D and the intricate dynamics within the Celestial Dragons. The battles, notably between Garp and his former apprentice, Kuzan, are depicted with thrilling detail, showcasing Oda’s talent for creating compelling fight scenes.

The cliffhanger ending leaves readers eagerly anticipating the next chapter, as the fates of beloved characters hang in the balance. Overall, this chapter is a testament to why One Piece remains a juggernaut in the world of manga, continually capturing the imaginations of its fans.