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Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Season 2 Episode 8 Review

 Pick Up Girls

In the eighth episode of DanMachi, Bell and Mikako has been kidnapped by Aisha and the Amazon crew in order to fulfill Ishtar’s motive but Bill is captured by Phryne and took him to her private BDSM room. Before this situation could get even more frightening, he was saved by Haruhime who helped him escape. It was his kind heart who made Haruhime helped him and undoubtedly Bell’s reaction after he was saved was so realistic and honest that all fans can’t stop loving him.

On the other hand, Hestia Familia and Takemikazuchi Familia have united while trying to figure out the reason for the kidnapping. The most irritating part of the episode is that after analyzing and getting to the conclusion, no one thinks of asking Hermes, who has all the answers. Lastly, it’s fascinating to watch Aisha playing mind games with Bell, who clearly doesn’t seem to understand.

Clearly Phryne loves to torment and assault innocent and naïve men but why does Ishtar allow this as she clearly knows it. She should have been a little considerate, being Goddess of love. It Hopefully, we soon get rid of this insane woman as it gets more despairing to see everyone ended up in toad’s hand.

Bluffing is the other distressful thing that happened in the episode, when Aisha secretly attempt to annoy Bell to save Haruhime. As Haruhime has told him that he is that Aisha is kind to her, he doesn’t seem to understand what’s actually going on. However, he is still traumatized due to rape attempt.

DanMachi’s eighth episode has made all fans impatient with it’s fascinating and thrilling plot. The Haruhime’s arc is to the point compared to previous arc and we can’t wait to see exceptional battle between familias. However, story will be incomplete without past history of Ishtar and Freya. Let see how the story unfold as the arc seems to get at its peak.

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