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Given Episode 11 (Final) Review

Given Episode

Given has ended and the last episode is as cool and gentle as the entire series. The arc which was filled with all kind of emotions including some nervousness, happiness, regrets, sadness, love and music was led to romantic relationship of Ritsuka and Mafuyu and the first live performance of the group. The finale didn’t disappoint us and lived up to our expectation.

Ritsuka panics after Mafuyu’s coming-out in the previous episode. We got to sneak into his thoughts and visualizations and it was hilarious. The intro of the final episode couldn’t have been perfect.

After expressing their feelings to each other all they need is the blessings of the ‘parents’. Haruki being their mom who keeps scolding and yelling and Akihiro being dad who is calm and relax.  The family bonding is on point in final episode.

The birthday celebration of Haruki is sort of clichéd which took place after the first official photoshoot of the group for promo. The relationship of Ritsuka and Mafuyu is starting get normal which we get to see till the end and our ginger head seems leave all the past wounds behind. Haruki finally realize that he is getting worn out with his one sided crush.

It was extremely amusing to witness the inner thought of Ritsuka. The chaotic visualization of his thought should have been more in the series. This scene will be remembered for along a time.

The photoshoot scene made us smile with boys’ laughter. It was very realistic as the more photographer tries to stop them, the more they laugh. This made us think about the moment when something like this happened in our lives.

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This epic adaptation of manga series has ended in 11 episodes. The anime was as soothing and decent and as the manga and reflected perfectly upon the writer’s mind. It was a great slice of life series which depicted teenage gay stories in a very decent way. Even if you are not interested this genera, you just can’t criticize it and won’t mind watching another season of it.








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