Draken Tokyo Revengers

Draken Tokyo Revengers – What we know about Draken?

Draken is the second main character of this series named “Tokyo Revenger’s “. His real name is “Ken Ryuguji”. Draken was part of a Gang named “Toman”.  He continuously watches out for Mikey and treats the Toman as his own family, going above and beyond to keep them safe. Anyone who sees Tokyo Revengers can be inspired by his courage and fortitude.

Draken stands out from the other characters in the series due to his commitment and tenacity. His physical strength is great, but his mental fortitude is unrivaled. In this article, I will tell you some interesting facts about Tokyo Revenger’s Draken.

Draken’s appearance:

Draken is a strong, young man who is unusually tall for his age. His trademark dragon tattoo on his left temple is visible since the corners of his head have been reverted to hair. At the top of his head, his golden hair is long and neatly braided.

He appears to be fairly thin and has well-defined tummy muscles. Takemichi noticed that his physique no longer resembled a teen’s. After being stabbed, Draken has a scar on the left side of his stomach. Even when hanging out with the gang, he still wears the same Toman Toppoku, and his go-to casual attire looks to be a long, patterned jacket.

Draken's appearance

Draken’s Personality:

Draken is a particularly sincere person. He detests overtly showing affection to people he cares about, but he shows great affection for Mikey. He tolerates Mikey’s pranks and regards him as a close buddy, taking him about while he drifts off to sleep, taking him to eat his favorite meals, and waking him up every morning for school. He also gave Emma a plushie for her birthday, which she says was one she had been looking for.

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Draken’s fighting power:

Draken has deadly fighting skills. Even after receiving a blow to the inside of the head from a metal pole, he can still stand and defeat 20 opponents. His recovery time is remarkably low since he enters the fray again so soon after reinforcements arrive. He even makes it through a potentially fatal knife wound. Draken prefers to fight like a brawler with his great strength, using quick but powerful kicks and punches.

Draken’s fighting power

Story behind Draken’s tattoos:

The story behind Draken’s tattoos is:

When Mitsuya ran away from home and painted it on a wall, Draken sat behind him and watched without Mitsuya realizing. When Mitsuya completed, they started talking, and Draken shared some of his food with him because he hadn’t eaten all day. Draken agreed to accept the painting as payment. The next time they met, they had identical tattoos, and soon after that they became known as the twin dragons”.

Story behind Draken’s tattoos

Draken’s best friend:

Mikey, a friend from Draken’s childhood has the honor of referring to the fearsome Draken as “Ken-Chin.” Since they were young, Mikey has decided to give his future right-hand man and best buddy a unique nickname. Draken still doesn’t like it when Mikey calls him by this affectionate moniker, but no one in the world could ever call Draken that without receiving a severe thrashing.

Mikey Tokyo Revengers

Draken’s best friend

Draken’s special skill:

His special skill is “Counseling”. Due to his challenging childhood, Draken has made adjustments to acting as a counselor for those around him. Draken was adopted by a brothel at a young age and eventually called it home. He frequently assists with housekeeping around the brothel, and he naturally knows the females who work there.

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Draken is an excellent listener, which could come as a bit of a surprise. He is surrounded by young women all the time who probably have a lot of problems to vent about. Working in a brothel can be challenging, and these young women may occasionally encounter challenging clients or even hazardous situations.

Draken’s favorite hobby:

It should come as no surprise that Draken enjoys training his muscles. Draken needs to be as powerful as he can be to battle for Toman’s honor and to protect his companions. Draken spends his free time working out and bulking up when he isn’t attending Toman meetings, helping around the house, watching Mikey, or taking care of his kids.

Draken’s favorite dish:

Curry is a portion of spicy food and Draken loves curry. Draken has a mature taste in food, unlike Mikey who loves children’s meals. Despite being a traditional meal in many Japanese restaurants and diners, curry is a South Asian dish that originated in South Asia. There are several non-spicy Japanese curry options available, but the ruthless deputy boss of the Tokyo Manji Gang would undoubtedly enjoy the heat with his curry and rice.

Some quotes from Draken:

Draken stands out from the other characters in the series, all thanks to his commitment and tenacity. His physical ability is great, but his mental fortitude is unrivaled. Some of their well-known quotes of Draken are as follows:

“When I Looked At The Sky, Everything Else Became Irrelevant To Me. I Found Peace.”

“If I Could Redo My Life, I’d choose To Live the Same Way. I Got No Regrets.”

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“All Our Members Have Families. People They Care About. We Can’t Let Any Outsiders Get Harmed. We Can’t Make Their Friends & Family Cry.”

“You Saved My Life, so I’ll gladly put My Life on the Line for you.”

“There Are Times When You Can’t Give Up.”

Most frequently questions asked about Draken:

What is Draken’s “Ken Ryuguji” age?

Draken, the second-most significant character in Tokyo Revengers, was born on 10th May 1990 and he is 15 years old in the past and 27 years old in the present.

What is Draken’s “Ken Ryuguji” height?

Ken Ryuguji is 6’1 (185cm) tall. Draken is a strong, muscular teenager who stands tall for his age.

Final Thoughts:

Tokyo Revengers has a colorful ensemble that is constantly expanding, including sly villains, complicated anti-heroes, and of course the iconic crybaby protagonist. Incredible Draken is undoubtedly one of the most well-liked characters on the entire cast, even among the other incredible characters.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article and have got a lot of information about Tokyo Revenger’s Draken. Loved writing this article!

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