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Best 10 Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid Characters

Dragon Maid Characters: There are a lot of unique and unusual characters in Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, which is one of the reasons why the show is so entertaining. From the many different dragons that are arriving on Earth to the humans who have come to appreciate them so much, everything is connected. In this list, we’ll cover the best 10 Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid Characters. So, let’s get started without any further ado.

Kanna Kamui

Kanna Kamui - Dragon Maid character

Dragon realm friend of Tohru’s who ended up living with Kobayashi after being banished for playing pranks on other dragons; at first, she thinks Kobayashi seduced Tohru into staying and wanted Tohru to return home, but by the end of the series, she has grown very attached to Kobayashi and sees her as a mother figure.

Kanna is widely respected because of her name, “Kamui,” and because her foundation and costume are based on the culture of the indigenous tribes of Hokkaido, even though she has not yet aligned with a dragon party.

She is a third-grader at Oborozuka Elementary School and has the surname, Kobayashi, however, she is actually much younger than she looks, even by dragon standards. She can replenish her depleted magical energy with electricity and has horns that resemble feathers and a tail that tapers to a bulb. She has a major crush on Riko Saikawa, and Riko returns the favor, declaring that she wants to marry her.

Riko Saikawa

Riko Saikawa - Dragon Maid character

Kanna’s fellow student from primary school who, at times, can be arrogant towards her other students. Should someone strike her as cute, she will be overcome with adoration for that person; as a result, she is initially angry towards Kanna, but she quickly develops a crush on her, and a running gag involving her has her being flushed with joy for the most of the time that she is near Kanna. Kanna tells her that she feels the same way for her, and the two then express their desire to get married to one another.


Fafnir - dragon maid character

Another version of the man who shares his name and was a close companion of Tohru. He is a male dragon from the Chaos faction, and he has an icy demeanor, a condescending outlook, and deep misgivings about humanity. In human form, he looks like a sophisticated young guy with long black hair and fiery red eyes.

Fafnir moves in with Takiya and becomes enamored with video games and pop culture after he decides to stay on Earth and Tohru tries to locate him a place to stay using the alias Takeshi Ooyama.


Elma - Dragon maid character

A water dragon from the Order group, adversaries of Tohru’s Chaos faction, who finds herself stuck in the human world and working with Kobayashi in her workplace.

She is strong and hardworking, but she is also gullible, unable to make decisions, and constantly hungry; she frequently runs out of money (in part because of her poor income) and is easily tempted by food, especially sweets.

Elma Joui is the name she goes by while working at Kobayashi’s office; in her human form, she has purple hair, a horn, the habit of wearing a jacket or kimono slung over one shoulder, and a trident.

Chapter 96 of the manga reveals that she has affections for Tohru, which she admits to Tohru, despite being expectedly spurned, and this is the culmination of several chapters that center on her having had an old friendship with Tohru that was shattered because to their alignments.


Kobayashi dragon maid character

A typical computer programmer and office worker at the age of 25, she takes a divine sword from a dragon named Tohru and finds herself living with it. She’s usually really calm and sweet, but when she’s tipsy, watch out! Because of her habit of getting hangovers, the cast is constantly at her beck and call. She’s especially interested in housekeepers.

Due to her apparent lack of libido and lack of feminine traits, she is sometimes mistaken for a boy. This is especially true of her flat chest.


Ilula dragon maid character

A Chaos faction dragon who targets Tohru because of her bond with a human, intending to destroy the city in the process. After being saved by Kobayashi and Tohru from an Order dragon, she focuses her attention to Kobayashi and tries to drive her and Tohru apart to prove her principles.

When in human form, Ilulu looks like a tiny girl with a huge bust. The conflicting views she was taught by her fellow chaos dragons stunted her intellectual development. Since coming to Earth, she has worked at a candy shop to continue her early hobby of playing with human children and to share in their joy.

Makoto Takiya

Makoto Takiya dragon maid character

Kobayashi’s co-worker who, at first, Tohru mistakes for a competition for Kobayashi’s love but, in reality, is merely an otaku who considers Kobayashi to be “one of the guys” and enjoys talking about maids with her.

Tohru initially mistakes her for a rival for Kobayashi’s affections. Every year during Comiket, Kobayashi is there to assist him in setting up. Because of his extensive game and manga collection, Fafnir makes the decision to join him in the human realm at some point in the future.


Tohru dragon maid character

A female dragon of the Chaos faction, originally from another world known as the dragon realm, with the magical ability to do things like “perception-blocking” (making others ignore her entirely), mending damage she may have inflicted, or morphing into a human form. She falls in love with Kobayashi after she saves her life and moves into her flat to work as a maid.

As she transforms into a human, her horns and, on rare occasions, her tail and wings, remain. Because of her costumed look, people often take her for one. As a running humor, she always tries to show her love and affection for Kobayashi by including bits of her regeneratable tail in her meals. Kobayashi’s feelings for Tohru are revealed in chapter 97 of the manga.


Lucoa dragon maid character

Tohru also has a female counterpart to her namesake named Quetzalcoatl; she goes by the name Lucoa and is neutral because she lost her divine status centuries ago after getting drunk and causing a scandal involving her younger sister.

When Lucoa takes on a human form, she is depicted as a tall, well-endowed woman with remarkable heterochromia. Tohru looks up to her as a wise mentor, but Lucoa’s discomfort with clothing means that she often prefers to wear tight-fitting clothing that shows a lot of skin; a running gag involves others criticizing her for this, marking her as a pervert, or dragging her away should her attire be inappropriate in a public place.

Specifically, she resides with Shouta after interrupting his demon-summoning spell to prevent him from summoning a harmful demon, leading him to incorrectly believe she is a succubus; and in her attempts to warm him up to her, she often becomes overly amorous with Shouta, frightening him.

Shouta Magatsuchi

Shouta Magatsuchi - Dragon maid character

Lucoa begins to share her home with this young wizard when she stops him from casting a spell that summons a monster. As a result, he has come to the conclusion that Lucoa is a succubus, and despite the fact that she has attempted to dispel this notion, her actions, which are excessively familiar, have not been very successful. A running gag has him blushing and fleeing away every time he gets caught up in such shenanigans and berating her as a “demon.”

He also scolds her for being a “demon.” During the events of the anime, he is enrolled in the fifth grade at the same school that Riko and Kanna go to. His father is the director of the corporation that Kobayashi works for. He invented their programming language using magic from another planet, and he is the one who keeps an eye on Tohru and Kobayashi for the Emperor of Demise.

Final Thoughts

Kobayashi is greeted by a dragon outside her front door, Tohru, who has fallen in love with her. Kobayashi offers to let Tohru stay at her home and she agrees. Tohru’s presence attracts other dragons, gods, and mythical beings, and Kobayashi takes her in and becomes her guardian.

As both Tohru and Kanna settle into the human world, Kobayashi starts to see them as family. Go and watch this series. I hope you will fall in love with he series and its characters.

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