All You Need to Know About Dragon Ball Super Chapter 59
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All You Need to Know About Dragon Ball Super Chapter 59

All You Need to Know About Dragon Ball Super Chapter 59

Although there is no news about the continuation of “Dragon Ball Super” Anime, its manga is currently on-going. Chapter 58 of “Dragon Ball Super” released on 20th March 2020. The Manga is being serialized in the “V Jump” monthly issue. The next issue will come out on 21st April 2020. It was assumed to be delayed due to COVID 19 but there is no such news being announced yet so it will be released on the given date as the pre-scans have already been released.

In this article, we will be discussing the spoilers of the next chapter. But before getting on the spoilers of the next chapters, let’s take a look back on what happened in the previous chapters.

The series has reached Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga. In this arc, a new powerful wizard, Moro has attacked the Earth. The physical and magical abilities of Moro are very powerful like the capability of Energy Absorption that can be used to make the whole planet deprive of its energy. Moro commanded his subordinates to go on Earth and take away its resources. He also wants them to take a look at how pewful it is. If it is not bad then he feeds the whole planet. One of his subordinates goes to the planet to check how powerful it is along with his army and is stopped by the powerful Z fighters. Moro is astonished o know about the powerful resistance and wants to see check it himself.

Chapter 58

Goku is back after his training and sees Z fighters all around the globe up against the prisoners who break free from Galactic Patrol’s Prison. The Galactic Patrol is also assembling the escaped prisoners who could not stand against Z fighters. Gohan and Piccolo strive against the fighter named Sagan-bo as Moro witnesses everything from afar. Android 17 and 18 tried to help as well but all in vain. As soon as Goku reaches, he fights against Sagan-bo, who has no clue where did the attack came from as he is invisible to everyone in his Ultra Instinct form except Moro and Jaco.

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Sagan-bo is unable to fight against Goku as Super Saiyan Blue. In desperation of defeating Goku, Moro trances power to Segan-bo. He asks Goku to transforms himself into the for he was when he arrived and get rid of Segan-bo as he could not survive with the power transferred to him. Goku gets pissed off with the cruel and vicious nature of Moro who did not even care about his people and transform into Ultra Instinct Sign. Moro is enthralled by this power as it is something that can only God could do. The transformation of Goku into Ultra Instinct is now in his control due to training.

Chapter 59

Chapter 59 begins with subordinate 73 who arrives back to Moro ship. 73 is astonished to see all the hem done by Z fighters to the army. There are also some leaks regarding the battle between Ultra Instinct Goku and Moro. Picollo and Gohan are shocked by the waves unleashed by the fight between Goku and Moro.

Goku strikes a blow on Moro who is unable to escape the punches due to the high speed of his punches. But the attacks don’t cause any damage to him which shows that he is no problem with fighting with Goku for longer. He throws ki blasts on Goku that he escapes and pounds towards him to strike again.

These are some important events that will be happening in the nest chapter but Goku seems to be undefeatable by Moro and Moro is shocked to see such power. He can’t seem to dodge the blows thrown at him by Goku. But Goku knows that there is more to him that he may have kept hidden for later to surprise him. We are eager to see more like what more powers do Moro has kept hidden and what Goku is capable of now after training. We will be updating you with more about the next chapters so stay tuned.

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