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TV Anime Babylon Premieres on October 7

TV Anime BabylonOn Friday it was revealed by the authorized website of the television anime Babylon by Mado Nozaki that the series will be aired on 7 October at 10:00 p.m. sharp on Tokyo MX. And after that first time it will be showed on BS11 and AT-X on the same day.

On 6 October at 12:00 a.m. in fact on 7 October in Japan Amazon Prime Video will telecast the opening chapter “Itteki no Doku” having episode from 1 to 3. This anime will be available within Japan and as well as outside the Japan on Amazon Prime Video.

The anime is produced by Revoroot and Twin Engine

It is a suspense story whose main character is Zen Seizaki he is a solicitor in the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office. He was exploring a particular pharmaceutical company in which the activities were against the law and at the same time he got to know about a plan taking place in western Tokyo about voting of an independent sector.

In 2015 the first volume of the book was published by Kodansha’s novel named Kodansha Taiga. On 2016 the second one was published and the third volume which is also the last one was dispatched on November 2017. Manga version of the novel was commenced by Nobuhide Takishita in February and it will be concluded having two volumes and on 9 October both of these will be published.

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