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Sentai Filmworks Discloses English Dub Cast of Anime Wasteful Days of High School Girls

Sentai Filmworks Discloses English Dub Cast of Anime Wasteful Days of High School Girls

On Wednesday the English dubbed cast of the television anime Wasteful Days of High School Girls of the manga Wasteful Days of High School Girl by Bino was disclosed by Sentai Filmworks. An English dubbed video clip was started to be telecast by the company.

The cast members are following:

  1. Elissa Cuellar as Baka
  2. Luci Christian as Wota
  3. Genevieve Simmons as Robo
  4. Hilary Haag as Loli
  5. Kira Vincent-Davis as Majime
  6. Maggie Flecknoe as Yamai
  7. Skyler Sinclair as Lily
  8. Christina Kelly as Majo
  9. Scott Gibbs as Waseda
  10. Blake Shepard as Hanamaru
  11. Shelley Calene-Black as Grandma
  12. Gareth West as Aoyama
  13. Christie Guidry as Erika
  14. Taylor Fono as Fujiwara
  15. Andrew Love as Gotsumori/Peanuts-P
  16. Mark X Laskowski as Hair Stylist
  17. Patricia Duran as Harajuku/Yamai’s Mom
  18. Chaney Moore as Kohaku
  19. Avery Smithhart as Maho/Mikami/Sakuya
  20. Christine Auten as Majime’s Mom
  21. Olivia Swasey as Pig/Shiikyon
  22. Blake Weir as Suzuki
  23. Adam Gibbs as Takahashi
  24. Mike Haimoto as Takuto
  25. Natalie Rial as Usami
  26. Allison Sumrall as Wanta
  27. Ry McKeand as Yuuki

The cast also includes the following:

  1. Courtland Johnson
  2. Dee Vera
  3. Heath Morrow
  4. Joe Daniels
  5. Mai Le
  6. Monica Rial
  7. Savanna Menzel
  8. Sheri Oster

The director for the English dubbed version is John Swasey and the audio engineer is Jonathan Rodriguez. The English mix is being handled by Ricardo Contreras.

The anime has been certified by Sentai Filmworks and telecast it on the HIDIVE as it broadcast in Japan. The anime is going to be set out by the company on Blu-ray Disc along with the English dubbed on September 22. The story has been explained by Sentai Filmworks in the following manner:

Exhausted one day, Tanaka gives her companions some somewhat eccentric monikers; however they won’t accept her unflattering depictions without a fight. Sakuchi burdened with Wota because of her otaku propensities and Saginomiya named Robo on account of her lifeless character choose to call Tanaka Baka and that should give you an entirely smart thought of the tricks these whacky young ladies get up to. They’re youthful, they’re ludicrous and they’re prepared to die their days as secondary school young ladies!

In January a live action series version based on the manga has been debuted on TV Asahi.

The manga was in succession in the Comic Newtype, Nico Nico Seiga, and pixiv Comic by Bino. In January the seventh assembled book volume of the manga has been issued by Kadokawa.

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