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Kakucho Tokyo Revengers – What we know about him!

Kakucho (鶴かく蝶ちょう) is the member of “Kanto Manji Gang”. He was the unit captain Gang named Kanto Manji “. He served as Izana Kurokawa’s right-hand man and the leader of the Four Heavenly Kings of Tenjiku. Later, he was a member of Rokuhara Tandai’s top leadership, where he is referred to as “Leader.” The Kanto Manji Gang’s Defense Unit Captain was known as Kucho. He served as Izana Kurokawa’s right-hand man and the leader of the Four Heavenly Kings of Tenjiku. Later, he was a member of Rokuhara Tandai’s top leadership, where he is referred to as “Leader.”

Kakucho’s appearance:         

Kakucho is a strong teenage boy with buzz-cut natural black hair. He has a big scar that reaches the corner of his blind left eye and extends from the back of his head to the leftmost side of his face. He always sports a single drop earring on his right earlobe and has thick, S-shaped eyebrows.

In a different reality where he is a prominent Bonten member, Kakucho wears his distinctive earring and an Aegean blue curtain for his hair. He is dressed in all-black, including a knee-length trench coat, sweatpants, and a pair of shoes. On the left side of his upper chest, he has the Bonten emblem tattooed. Kakucho wore the typical gang garb while he was a member of Tenjiku and Rokuhara Tandai.

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Kakucho's appearance

Date of Birth:

He was born on April 1, 1990.


He is 15-16 years old in final arc and 26 years old in present.


He is 179 cm (5ft. 10 inches) tall.

Kakucho’s personality:

Kakucho has trouble trusting others because of his terrible upbringing, which left him an orphan. Kakucho declares to Takemichi Hanagaki during the conflict between the Tokyo Manji Gang and Tenjiku that he would not hesitate to kill the man ruthlessly even if they had been childhood friends. This is because of his unwavering reliance on Izana Kurokawa, his self-described “master,” who he has known since they were children and who they both met and grew up as siblings in isolation at an orphanage. Kakucho makes himself an obedient servant to his king by fighting against Izana’s adversaries or anyone who sees them as rivals out of loyalty to Izana.

Kakucho's personality

Kakucho’s skills and abilities:

Kakucho is second only to the gang’s commander in terms of power as a Heavenly King of Tenjiku and Izana’s right-hand man. He can, however, freely direct its members.

One of the strongest in Tenjiku, Kakucho is regarded as having this strength. He displays his tenacity by defeating Souya Kawata in the conflict between Tenjiku and the Tokyo Manji Gang. Following this triumph, he swiftly eliminated Seishu Inui and Chifuyu Matsuno in one fell swoop. He moves so quickly that even in his prime, Angry was unable to anticipate his attacks in time.

Relationships of Kakucho:

A brief discussion of his relationships is as follows:

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Takemichi Hanagaki:

Takemichi and Kakucho were pals in their youth. Takemichi vowed to avenge Kakucho after he was beaten by a group of bigger youngsters. Kakucho saw Takemichi as his childhood hero, but he declined, claiming he needed to get stronger. Kakucho requests Takemichi’s assistance in rescuing Izana from the shadows as a result.

Takemichi Hanagaki

Izana Kurokawa:

Izana complimented Kakucho’s scar when she first saw him at an orphanage. Izana burns the burial after learning that Kakucho is preparing a grave for his parents and advises Kakucho to move on with his life because it is now worthless. Izana, according to Kakucho, gave his life meaning as his servant. In addition to Kakucho’s love for Izana, the two were childhood friends and playmates. Kakucho remembers them having fun in the snow while preparing for Tenjiku.

Izana kurokawa

History of Kakucho:

Kakucho and Takemichi Hanagaki were childhood pals who were very close. As he grew older, Takemichi forgot about him, but Kakucho did not.

He later finds himself at an orphanage as a result of an accident that killed his parents and severely damaged his face. Izana Kurokawa confronts Kakucho and destroys the temporary cemetery he has constructed for his parents, asking him to forget about the deceased and instead work as his servant. He makes him a pledge that they would establish the Tenjiku kingdom as king and servant together.

His devotion is to Izana solely. He expresses to Takemichi his desire for Izana to be saved from Tetta Kisaki while fighting Nahoya Kawata. Izana, in a fit of rage, gives the order to kill Kakucho during the altercation between Tenjiku and the Tokyo Manji Gang.

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Then Kisaki fires one shot at him, but Izana leaps in front of him and is struck three times, killing him. He is the only one who hasn’t made him feel alone, according to Izana, and his body moved on its own to defend him. Izana instructs Kakucho to usher in the new era they had imagined as children before passing away because they were hand in hand.

Kakucho’s death scene:

The first of the Four Heavenly Kings is a character named Kakucho who participated in the “Kanto Incident,” a conflict between Tenjiku and the Tokyo Manji gang. He is Tenjiku’s second-strongest member after Izana Kurokawa.

There is a scenario in the “Kanto Incident” where Kakucho and Izana Kurokawa come dangerously close to passing away.

Is he alive or dead?

He nearly passed away from the extreme bleeding, but he was rushed to the hospital and saved.

In the Kanto Incident, Kakucho—one of Tenjiku’s Four Heavenly Kings—appeared as the strongest man. Numerous people were hurt, three people died, five individuals were taken into custody, and Kakucho suffered significant injuries in the “Kanto Incident.” But he survived.

Final thoughts:

Tokyo Revengers has a colorful ensemble that is constantly expanding, including sly villains, complicated anti-heroes, and of course the iconic crybaby protagonist. Incredible Kakucho is undoubtedly one of the most well-liked characters on the entire cast, even among the other incredible characters.

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