Goblin's Crown

Goblin Slayer: Goblin’s Crown Theatrical Anime Casts Sumire Uesaka

On Saturday it was declared through the live transmission of the GA FES 2019 event that the theatrical anime Goblin Slayer: Goblin’s Crown episode has starred the voice over artist named Sumire Uesaka for the character of Noble Fencer. The event also premiered the latest video showing Goblin Slayer, Noble Fencer, and the new foe:

Goblin's Crown

Also the occasion showed a video for the clear file folders that will be packed with advance sales of the MovieTicket Cards at the cinemas that have been involved and through mail orders. Each card will pack one from the five haphazard designs choosen from the original novel artist Noboru Kannatsuki.


YouTube video

On February 1 the anime will be released in Japanese cinemas.

In October 2018 the latest anime series was showed in Japan and it was showed with English subtitles by Crunchyroll as it was telecast and Funimation telecast the series in english dub. The 12th which was also the concluding episode of the series was concluded with a message declaring Goblin Slayer will return

Goblin's Crown

Both of the novels was certified by Yen Press along with manga version by Kōsuke Kurose

The anime is directed at WHITE FOX by Takaharu Ozaki. The series composition was supervised by Hideyuki Kurata and also wrote the script along with Yousuke Kuroda. The characters was designed by Takashi Nagayoshi.

In February 2016 the first volume of Goblin Slayer dark fantasy novel series by Kumo Kagyu was issued by SB Creative. In May 2016 a currently running manga version was started by Kōsuke Kurose in Big Gangan. Many follow-up novels and manga series was made based on this novel. In December the first game for Smartphone Goblin Slayer: The Endless Revenge will be start









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