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Emma Tokyo Revengers – What we know about Emma Sano

Emma Sano (佐野さの エマ) was a school student. Among her siblings, Emma was middle. She was the adopted younger sister of Izana Kurokawa and the younger sister of Shinichiro, Manjiro Sano, and Izana. Let’s discuss some facts about Emma Sano. Who she is? how she looks like?

Emma lived with Izana Kurokawa  until she was 3 years old. Izana Kurokawa was also her elder brother. She hasn’t seen Izana since Izana departed from school. After that  She lived with her grandfather and two brothers. Emma spend her teeanage life with her granfather and brothers. She was greeted by Shinichiro and Mikey, who gave her the name Mikey so she wouldn’t feel strange having a foreign name. Her siblings looked after her and taught her self-defense skills, which helped her, gain many friends along the road.

Emma and Mikey:

Emma and her brother Mikey shared a close bond. Mikey and her birth year is also same. They are so close to each other that some  people could assume, they are dating. Emma is close to Draken, her crush, and she enjoys it when he buys her a gift for her birthday. She is devoted to them and Toman and dislikes the arguments between her brother and Ken. She complies with instructions to safeguard Hina and does so.

Emma and Mikey

Her siblings looked out for her and gave her self-defense training. As a result, she was able to meet lots of people along the road.

Emma’s crush:

Ken is Emma’s crush since she was a child. She used to act like a child, when ken is around. Emma’s didn’t like the argument between Ken and her brother. So she often divert his attention from her brother. She frequently makes him jealous by flirting with other Boys. And then backs down when he doesn’t become furious. She pretends to be older than she is because she wants to mature more quickly, yet her true childlike character still shows.

Emma's crush

Emma is loyal to Ken and she wants her love to flourish. She obeys her brothers but still she loves Ken so much. She cares for everyone as she is a girls who had a soft heart.

Emma’s appearance:

Emma had a slim figure. She had a fairly developed feminine shape for her age. She had huge golden eyes and honey blonde hair that was past her shoulder length. Emma used to have shorter hairs before. She frequently wore her regular school attire, which included a white button-up shirt, a grey skirt, a light blue waistcoat, and white loose socks in a pair of brown school shoes.


Date of Birth:

She was born on November 25, 1991.


Emma is 13-14 years old.


She is 150cm (4ft. 9 inches) tall.

Emma’s personality:

Emma has a very childish nature. When Emma is around Draken, her longtime crush, she behaves in a very childlike manner. To divert his focus away from her brother, she will frequently flirt with others to make him jealous, only to lose steam when he doesn’t become enraged. She tries to act older than she is because she wants to mature more quickly, yet her true childlike character still shows. She obeys her brother’s commands and is loyal to him.

Emma is a compassionate person at heart who worries about people despite trying to maintain a more controlled demeanor, according to Hinata, who also observes that Emma is at her core a genuine romanticist who wants her love to triumph.

Emma's personality

Emma’s death:

Tetta Kisaki hit Emma in the head with a baseball bat in the Tokyo Revengers narrative and she passed away while Mikey carried her to the hospital. The “Kanto Incident” then comes to a close, and Tokyo Manji gang members cry as Emma’s burial is held.

Takemichi can travel through time, but he can only go back to “exactly 12 years ago.”Emma died in the past timeline, so he was unable to bring her back to life or travel back in time to before her passing. Later on, we’ll discover that Mikey’s following darkening is also significantly influenced by Emma’s passing.

Is Emma going to be back again?

Although it’s hard to say for sure, we don’t believe Emma will return because it wouldn’t make sense given the way the Manga and anime are structured. Additionally, we are aware that the Manga is coming to a close; therefore we don’t believe that she would return in a Deus ex-machine scenario. If you were hoping to see Emma again, we’re sorry to inform you that she is dead and appears to be staying that way until the very end.

Final thought:

Tokyo Revengers has a colorful ensemble that is constantly expanding, including sly villains, complicated anti-heroes, and of course the iconic crybaby protagonist. Incredible Emma Sano is undoubtedly one of the most well-liked characters on the entire cast, even among the other incredible characters.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article and have got a lot of information about Tokyo Revenger’s Emma. Loved writing this article!

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