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Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi Target Attacks Episode 11: Review

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There can’t be a better way to clear a dungeon than to do it in underwear. In this week’s episode of Do You Love Your Mom Masato and Mamako is dealing with it. There is more to it as the moms move towards the top of the dungeon.

The group decides to take some rest after Medhi and Wise get tired helping mothers. Amante electrocuted herself while waiting for them in other room as her spell goes wrong. She lose both dishwashing and laundry duel after challenging Mamako and then disappears while Masato’s party moves further through dungeon. They find special tiles that reduces their tiredness but unluckily it cost them their armor. The part meet Amante again at the upper floor while they all are in their underwear.  An army of monsters who are transformed from all the motehr’s son are now being used by her. Mamako hands over a special armor to all the mothers to disarm and get them rid of that transformation. Pocchi after being reunited with his mother tells Mamako and Mamato about Amante’s plan of eliminating all the mothers.

Medhi and Wise may have been enemies in the beginning but making fun of Amante have make them work together and it feels great to see that. Starting making fun of her sloppiness in her duel with Mamako. They also made a great team while giving protection to the mothers by forming a barrier through magic and using spells for distraction.

Amante has been a funny villain who has been a joke in the first half of the episode but acted as cruel villain later in the episode. She is capable of transforming adventurers into monsters and even make them angry.  She is no more a funny villain as her evil plans has been revealed which we will get to witness in the next episode.

Mamako’s love for Masato get stronger when she glows. She gives a great armor to the mothers. When she is in a good mood she is beneficial to everyone who is on her side of the fight.

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The episode was overall good mix of jokes and some serious action as the adventurers make their way up to the dungeons. The dishwashing duel was funny to watch. It couldn’t have been better way to win the competition by using the water sword. It was hilarious how they has to fight in their undergarments because of those tiles.

As mothers have reunited with their sons, they are more involved in this. Both of these parties know that they are capable of doing better and these opinions lead them to hug each other making all sons embarrassed including Masato. It took almost the whole series for Masato to make his way in this mother-centric game.

Amante is the center of attention this time. Her actions explain that she does not want to depend on mothers and likes to work and live on her owns. Her only wish is to get through the dungeon and get rid of all the mothers.  This raises some queries. It’s not necessary that that what happens in eh video game will happens in the real world. It’s very likely that Amante want this game to be mother free and probably that is the reason why Shirase is the is acting as an admin maintain tranquility between the parties. It is also a good excuse for her to exploit Masato’s party.

If Amante gets what she wants, the only question left to be asked that what makes a mother. This lead to asking some logical questions like what will happen to other women. However, real world logics does not apply in this absurd mother anime. Let’s see in the last episode what Amante’s real motive is.

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The last episode is around the corner and so is the last battle. Will Mamako and her party stop Amante from getting what she wish for and causing damage to all.





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