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Yandere Romance Anime – Best Yandere Anime

In this article, we will discuss 10 Yandere Romance anime.

Yandere meaning

In anime, a yandere is a character that is deeply in love with something or someone and will resort to violence if anything stands in the way of their true love. You can recognize them as stalkers or obsessive lovers in major motion pictures. They are fairly common not just in the world of anime. These male characters have developed a sizable fan base over the years because they can somehow elicit sympathy for themselves. One explanation would be the fact that a lot of guys definitely identify with these male yandere characters. Here is a list of the best yandere anime ever produced after all that has been said.

Now you know what is a yandre. Here is a short list, let’s get started without any further delay.

Balder Hringhorni – Kamigami no Asobi

 Balder Hringhorni – Kamigami no Asobi yandere meaning

One of the main characters in the anime “Kamigami no Asobi” is Balder Hringhorni. Although he is the Norse God of Light, he has the potential to turn into the God of Destruction. He has long hair and is pretty attractive. He typically wears his school uniform, which consists of a blazer with golden embroidery, a shirt, and a tie. Balder furthermore dons a pair of grey slacks and white boots. He appears to be a female character because of his features (at least to me). Although his hair is golden when he is a human when he assumes the shape of a god, his hair turns white and his eyes become golden. He no longer has any self-control in this form.

Although at first we find him to be charming and nice, when he falls in love with Yui and she doesn’t reciprocate, we see a glimpse of his dark yandere side. He simply develops an insane love for her, and when he learns that she might have a crush on someone else, he decides to ensure that nobody else should be able to have her. Absolutely, Yandere!

Toma – Amnesia

Toma – Amnesia yandere meaning

One of the characters from the anime and visual novel series “Amnesia” is Toma. Since their early years, he has been friends with Heroine, the main character of the anime who is amnesic and relies on the spirit Orion to help her restore her memory. He has orange eyes and spiky blonde hair. He typically sports a short-sleeved black jacket and has a slim, lean build. Toma also frequently sports a black hairband with four marks resembling diamonds. He is presented to the audience as being laid-back and easy-going. Heroine and Shin are treated as his younger siblings, and he acts like an older sibling to them.

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It turns out, though, that he has a much darker side. Even though he loves Heroine just like everyone else does, he pretends to be her lover since he is somewhat infatuated with her. Even worse, he cages her. He justifies all of this by claiming that he is protecting Heroine, even if it is only from herself because she ignores him. He converses with her from outside the cage while feeding her through the bars. Those are some strong cues that someone is in yandere love.

Rolo Lamperouge – Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Rolo Lamperouge yandere definition

Because Rolo Lamperogue was only introduced in the second season of the anime “Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch,” viewers of the first season may not be as familiar with him. He primarily wears his academy uniform and has violet eyes and brown hair. The following character information may include spoilers for you guys, so proceed with caution.

As Lelouch’s brother, Rolo makes an appearance in the anime’s second season. He appears to have a good, innocent heart and is really concerned for Lelouch. Later on, we discover that this is untrue.

In reality, he is an assassin posing as Lelouch’s brother, and when the going becomes tough, he exhibits his icy and vicious side. However, his fixation with Lelouch, for whom he can even kill someone and then proudly claim it, is what earned him a spot on our list.

Even after realising that Lelouch is not his biological brother, he continues to treat him as such and, as was already mentioned, will do everything for him.

Sakamaki Ayato – Diabolik Lovers

Sakamaki Ayato – Diabolik Lovers what is yandere

You see, the majority of “Diabolik Lovers”‘ primary male characters appear to be a little yandere. But if I had to pick just one, it would unquestionably be Sakamaki Ayato, whose devotion for the main character takes an unsuitable turn. One of the Sakamaki family members is Sakamaki Ayato.

He is the third son of the family and a vampire like his brothers. The main character of the show is Yui, who finds herself moving in with a new family of six dashing males after switching schools. She should, after all, be living her dream, right? Yet, no!

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The six men she stays with are vampires hungry for her blood, and Sakamaki Ayato is one of them. I assume you can see where this is going. Yui is the object of Ayato’s intense possessiveness, which is quickly apparent.

However, he expresses his emotions by sucking blood from Yui’s body. He merely wants her love and attention, which he did not receive as a youngster. Is Ayato a yandere or just someone who enjoys delicious cuisine, though, given that Yui serves as a sort of feeding supply for him?

 Griffith – Berserk

 Griffith – Berserk

Avoid this since it will likely include spoilers if you haven’t seen “Berserk” but have it on your list of things to watch. One of the main characters in the action anime series “Berserk” is Griffith. There is a lot of blood, gore, and nudity in the series, which is moderately violent.

The Band of The Falcon, a mercenary group that fights for the side that pays them, is led by Griffith. He is an exceptional swordsman with unmatched talent. He has a high level of intelligence and is consistently cool and collected. Griffith is quite possessive of the things he believes to be his own.

He wants Guts to be his and defeats him in a sword battle to take possession of him when they first meet. He frequently receives more privileges than the other members of the Band of The Falcon because of his obvious fondness for Guts. Griffith thus goes crazy and eventually loses his sanity when Guts quits the band.

This, along with his captivity and suffering, brings out his dark side and transforms him into one of history’s most ruthless and heartless villains.

Seiji Yagiri – Durarara!

Seiji Yagiri – Durarara!

Durara! is a fun television show. I really liked watching the series because it was entertaining and full of weird and eerie things. One of the series’ supporting players is Siji Yagiri. Due of his affection for Celty’s head, he is included on this list. There is some information regarding Celty that new viewers of the series should be aware of. In this anime series, she is an Irish fairy who is hunting for her head that was taken.

Seiji has been in love with her head for a while, and everything he does is intended to make him look good when the head awakens. Later, he starts dating Mika, another Yandere, and develops feelings for her face. He even uses pens to stab Shizuo in order to save Mika, whose face he adores.

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Rolo Lamperogue – Code Geass

Rolo Lamperogue - Code Geass

Many Yandere characters’ obsessions are motivated by romantic love. The exception to this rule is Rolo Lamperouge from Code Geass, who is motivated by brotherly love. In reality, he is a ruthless, cold-blooded killer who poses as Lelouch’s gentle, sympathetic younger brother.

Despite being sent to spy on Lelouch for a year, he ends up becoming quite connected to him and even developing jealousy of Nunnally, Lelouch’s real sister. He kills Shirley, one of Lelouch’s friends, in part because of this envy when she declares her wish to assist in bringing Lelouch and his sister back together.

Kotonoha Katsura – School Days

Kotonoha Katsura – School Days

While the anime has conflicting views on whether or not School Days is worth watching, Kotonoha Katsura is a Yandere who is passionate about her love. She is Sekai Saionji’s adversary for Makoto Itou’s affection.

Makoto can’t decide which female matters more to him, thus the two have meetings back and forth. The interaction between Makoto and Kotonoha or Sekai gets better every time. Kotonoha, however, is the one who goes overboard.

Shuu Tsukiyama – Tokyo Ghoul

Shuu Tsukiyama - Tokyo Ghoul

Shuu Tsukiyama, a male yandere from Tokyo Ghoul, is another. It appears that Shuu Tsukiyama is a bright and charming young guy who desires to befriend Kaneki. He manipulates his “victim” into following him to the Ghoul Restaurant where they would be devoured.

Especially after learning that Kaneki is a one-eyed ghoul, he develops an obsession with Kaneki’s fragrance and a desire to devour him. In order to entice Kaneki, he even turns to kidnapping.

Megumi Shimizu – Shiki

Megumi Shimizu – Shiki

Megumi Shimizu is the first pink-haired Yandere on the list. Megumi has a serious infatuation on Natsuno Yuuki and despises living in the hamlet. Even while lurking in the bushes outside his house, she may be seen gazing into his window. Heartbeats may be heard as Natsuno appears on screen, signifying Megumi’s love for him.

Megumi exhibits Yandere traits when she kills someone too closely associated with Natsuno because she is ecstatic that Natsuno glanced in her direction.

Final Thoughts

In this blog post, we covered Top Yandere Anime and described yandre meaning. Hopefully now you know what is a yandre. We would love to hear your thoughts on the blog and anything else you might want to share! Do leave a comment down below and let us know.

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