AUTUMN Manga A3! By Yoshimi Muneyama Ends
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AUTUMN Manga A3! By Yoshimi Muneyama Ends

AUTUMN Manga A3! By Yoshimi Muneyama Ends

On Tuesday the June issue of Ichijinsha’s Monthly Comic Zero-Sum magazine issued the concluding chapter of AUTUMN manga A3! by Yoshimi Muneyama. The manga is inspired by the Liber Entertainment A3! actor teaching Smartphone game and it is the follow up of SUMMER manga A3! by Muneyama. On May 25 the two assembled book volumes of the manga is going to dispatch.

Last October the manga was commenced in the Monthly Comic Zero-Sum by Muneyama.

In July 2018 SUMMER manga A3! Was commenced by Muneyama in Monthly Comic Zero Sum and last July the manga was concluded. Last August the subsequent assembled book volume was issued by Ichijinsha. The series was itself a follow up to SPRING manga A3! by Muneyama.

On January 13 the A3! Season Spring & Summer was debuted and it had been planned to be in succession until March but it got postponed due to consequences related to the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19) that made the scheduling problems in the production department worse. It was planned that the fourth episode is going to debut on February 3 but it got postponed. On April 4 the broadcast of the anime was recommenced. The anime is being telecast by Funimation.

In October the subsequent half of the show A3! Season Autumn & Winter is going to debut.

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