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Anime Film Her Blue Sky by Anohana Team’s Ranks #4 During Japan’s Typhoon Weekend

In the first 4 days of its opening week the anime movie by the Peace Busters creative team named Her Blue Sky had vend 126,000 tickets and made profit of 166 million yen and got the 4th position. According to the calculation of sooner or later this movie will generate profit of about 1 billion yen when it will be still running on cinemas.

Whereas Japan had an extensive weekend including the holiday held on Monday. On Saturday in Japan Typhoon Hagibis a great storm stroked at the area of Tokyo in six decades, this typhoon escorted with one tornado and 5.7 magnitude earthquake which was feel close to the near Chiba Prefecture. Sadly due to this tragedy 74 people were died and about half a million families lost their shelter. The government advised everyone to stay in their homes or at the evacuation centre. Obviously many cinemas were not able to show any of the movie and it was also unused approachable because the roads were blocked and there was no transportation service as well.

Anohana Team's Ranks

Last Friday the movie Her Blue Sky was premiered in Japan in almost 318 cinemas. The director of the movie is Tatsuyuki Nagai, the writer as well as another director of the movie is Mari Okada, along with the artist Masayoshi Tanaka who designed the characters and was the chief director for animation managed the movie. They are also part of the Super Peace Busters. According to their titles they perform their job. The animation production was supervised by CloverWorks.

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The movie starred Shion Wakayama, Ryō Yoshizawa, and Riho Yoshioka.

Anohana Team's Ranks The crossover movie named HiGH&LOW THE WORST which put together the manga Crows and Worst by Hiroshi Takahashi in HiGH&LOW franchise fall from the 3rd position to 5th position in the second week. From Friday to Sunday this movie made profit of about 65,873,200 yen and the total generated profit is 496,422,300 yen.

In its starting week it was positioned at 3rd number. On 4 in Japan this film was released on 322 cinemas and vends 121,000 tickets and made profit of 164 million yen in its starting week. The movie made about 54% in the starting week for the HiGH&LOW THE MOVIE 3 FINAL MISSION movie of 2017. But the price of the HiGH&LOW THE WORST will be improved if we add in the Friday starting day earnings which in 196,798 tickets were vend and the profit was about 310,096,300 yen. According to this movie will make profit of about 1 billion yen.

The movie was directed by Shigeaki Kubo and it was produced by EXILE HIRO. The action director was Takahito Ōuchi. The script was written by Takahashi along with Norihisa Hiranuma, Shōichirō Masumoto, and Kei Watanabe.

The new movie named Weathering With You by Makoto Shinkai felled to position 8th from 7th in its 13th week. From Friday to Saturday the profit made by this movie is 47,731,850. Till now this movie has vended 10.22 million tickets and made 13,619,583,250 yen. This movie had beaten the E.T, Armageddon, and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban turning to be the 13th movie of the Japanese box office. This movie is now placed at 7th position to be the most earning domestic movie in Japan as well as this year’s most grossed movie in Japan.

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In its first 3 days this movie was shown in 358 cinemas and vended 1,159,020 tickets and made 1,643,809,400 yen. In its starting week it was at the 1st position.

In its first 3 days this movie had made 28.6% extra if we compare it to the last movie your name by Shinkai which made 1,277,960,000 yen in its first 3 days.

On July 19 this movie was shown in 359 cinemas and 448 screens in Japan. Three years ago the Japanese film to make profit over 10 billion yen was movie your name by Shinkai.

The live action movie of manga Kaguya-sama: Love is War by Aka Akasaka felled to the 9t position from 6th position in its 5th week. From Friday to Sunday this movie made profit of 33,906,700 yen. The collective profit made by the movie was 2,005,147,500 yen reaching to 2-billion-yen target anticipated by when this movie started to run.     Anohana Team's Ranks

In its starting week the movie vended 255,000 tickets and made 315 million yen and got the 1st position and from Friday to Sunday it vended 360,000 tickets and made 460 million yen. On 6th September the movie was premiered in 291 screens

From the King & Prince idol group Shō Hirano played the role of Miyuki Shirogane and Kanna Hashimoto played the role of Kaguya Shinomiya in the movie. The movie made 85.3% extra in its starting week than the previous year’s live action movie of manga Uirabu. -Uiuishii Koi no Ohanashi-by Yukimo Hoshimori in which Hirano was starred. The Kaguya-sama movie was directed by Hayato Kawai. The script was written by Yūichi Tokunaga.

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On 12 January an anime version consisiting 12 episode was made based on the manga. The series was telecast by Aniplex of America on Crunchyroll, and FunimationNow. The manga is being issued in English by Viz Media.

Anohana Team's Ranks The anime movie named Hello World directed by Tomohiko Ito and Graphinica felled from the top 10 positions in its 4th week but still from Friday to Sunday generated profit of 16,330,200 yen and made collective total profit of 517,683,400 yen.

The theatrical anime project named Blackfox by Studio 3Hz fell to 4th position from 1st in mini-theater rankings in its 2 week. On 5th October the movie was premiered and it was available on Crunchyroll as soon as it was premmiered.






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