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6 Anime for the Fans of Cautious Hero: The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious

The genre Isekai is getting a lot of popularity lately. The main reason behind it could be how fewer anime been released of this trope-transformed-genre; however there is not denying this genre consists some really entertaining anime! Which includes Cautious Hero, an Isekai funny story revolving around a goddess and her summoned hero from earth to rescue another world called Gaeabrande. But let’s jump into the 6 anime which are similar to Cautious Hero!

Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!

After dying a disappointing death while getting back home after purchasing a video game, high school student social hermit Satou Kazuma is sent to Purgatory, where he witnesses a beautiful goddess, Aqua. She offers two choices, one would lead him to heaven and other one would resurrect him in a fantasy world. Thinking about a life of characters in the video game he had been playing his whole life, considers living one and choosing the latter option. The mission to kill the wicked Demon Lord in the fantasy world, he was asked to pick any weapon to fight with, on which he chooses the goddess herself, Aqua! But later on he doesn’t take time in realizing how worthless the annoying goddess is and to make things even complicated he also finds out the rules in this world was different from what were in his own world. Just like in the real world Kazuma had to find a job to pay his expenses in this fantasy world version.

The thing that is clearly similar in both anime is the amount of comedy present in both the anime, Konosuba is undoubtedly hilarious story that brings two genres comedy and Isekai with a perfect mixture! There are many other similarities between both the anime, starting from the protagonist and his journey of sheer merriment of the situations they are caught into! To really convince how closely these shows are related to each other, we are just going to drop this, “Listarte”? Which is Blonde version of Aqua!

Watashi, Nouryoku wa Heikinchi de tte Itta yo ne!

On July 24 Netflix India Releases Anime Rock Lee

Kurihara Misato has been phenomenal her entire life. But in order to live a successful life she had to sacrifice living like a normal person avoid making friends. After meeting her demise she is immediately sent to a divine realm, preparing for a reincarnation. She was granted one more wish – she desires to live a life where she is a normal person with the capabilities of an average person for the world she will be resurrected in. Misato is respawned as Adele von Ascham, the daughter of an honorable family. She doesn’t take long to learn the magical abilities she possesses that are extraordinary. Eager to fulfil her wish she takes admission in a hunter school and registers herself as “Mile”. Seems like it’s in her fate, no matter how hard she tries to live like an ordinary person, she is destined to live an exceptional life.

Just like in Cautious Hero, I Told You To Make My Powers Average in the Next Life shows a protagonist or champion who is just too overpowered for the rest of the characters in the anime through hilarious means. Both shows have their genres in common Isekai and comedy, revolving around the uniqueness of the protagonist, everyone underestimating their powers and challenging them which leads to one sided battles.

Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou

The life of a seventeen years old boy, Nagumo Hajime changed along with his friend when they dragged to a fantasy world and are tasked to save the humanity. His friends got various strengths and powers to combat but Hajime only got the ability of transmutation due to which he was mocked by his friends. While moving towards the Great Orcus Labyrinth, he was wronged by his classmate and reached the bottom of the abyss which is the place of threatening beasts. Hajime needs to figure out the way out of this dangerous place to get back home safely.

Anime Dropout Idol Fruit Tart Discloses 3 Character Visuals

Arifureta shows its main character to be dragged in a fantasy world that is about to destroy mankind like in Cautious Hero. However the theme of both shows is different due to the characters. Cautious hero shows a bizarre guy as the main character with a funny theme. Whereas, in Arifureta a group of students are sent in a strange world rather than just the main character.


The world is in the regime of fright and horror due to Demon Lord Rchimedes until he was locked away by a great hero Creasion. The world lived in peace for more than thousand years until a gate is opened between the worlds of human and demons due to which the demons returned to the human world. The king of the human world thinks that it is probably the start of the return of Rchimedes and comes to the conclusion to call on the every offspring of the Creasion. There are 75 of them but it is nearly impossible to gather all of them as there is not much time. One of them is Alba Fruhling along with a warrior called Ross embarks in the journey to destroy the demon Lord while they meet some strange individuals on their way.

Like Cautious Hero, Senyuu’s main character has the task of saving the world from Mass destruction. In addition to that both series are comedy and have funny characters and amusing scenes that make both shows fascinating to watch. However, the episodes of Senyuu is shorter than Cautious Hero

Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni.

1st Part Ends of Gyara Manga Remake

A boy named Mochizuki Touya is mistakenly hit by God. As an apology God gives him the opportunity to reborn in a world of fantasy. He approves and wish to have his mobile along with him in that world. He later comes to know that he has understanding of magic after getting in this new world. In addition to that he has a group of adorable girls with him who tags along and attracted to him while he discovers this world.

In Another World with my Smartphone is like Cautious hero in many ways as both shows are about the main character who has some powers and sent to a strange world. One major similarity is that both shows are comedy. It is the most significant similarity that is seen in many Isekai tropes of these days, comedy plays the most important part in these anime.

Hataage! Kemono Michi

Shibata Genzou is a great wrestler and animals lover. While wrestling, ‘Animal Mask’ is his alter-ego, as he personifies himself as the image of the tiger. While wrestling against his great rival Macadamian Ogre in world title-deciding match, a princess sent him to another world. Her regime is invaded by animal like beasts and she summons him to help in getting rid of them. But, due to his extreme love for animals, he rushes out of the castle and heads out to the world. He plans to become a professional beast Hunter to get close to animals all around the world. Inorder to fulfill his dream of being a pet shop owner, he embarks on this dangerous journey along with a wolf girl, Shigure, a vampire, Carmilla Vanstein and a dragon girl, dragon-girl Hanako

Kadokawa, Type-Moon Launch Type-Moon Comic Ace Manga Website

Kimono Mochi and Various Hero may seems very different from each due the main characters but in reality there are many similarities. One similarity is the fact that both of these shoes are Isekai in which the main character is suddenly sent in a new world to save the mankind. Another similarity is they both comedy focused series and the main focus is on their adventures instead of their goal

The anime world is indeed full of isekai series and we can see the rapid development of these anime series. With the noticeable growth of isekai trope we have been entertained with many interesting isekai anime. What other shows do you have on your mind that should be included in this list?


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